The PokeSpin series of games have been a huge hit for the Nintendo DS. Pokemon spinoffs of the Pokemon series have been released on a variety of Nintendo handhelds since the original Pokemon games came out, but the PokeSpin series was intended to take the franchise to a whole new level. Considering that this series has been around for over a decade now, its time to revisit this series and see how it has fared over the years.

It’s been quite a long time since the original Pokemon Snap was released for the Nintendo 64 years ago, but that doesn’t mean the game has lost all of its charm. If you want to play the game again, you’re in luck because a brand new Pokemon Snap game is on its way to the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Pokemon Ultimate Adventure is the first Pokemon game to be released for the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s a new take on the classic Pokemon Snap game that features a ton of content for you to explore.

In the new Pokemon Snap, Tyranitar is a new Tyranitar in the game that can be requested through the trainer in the pokemon marts. Tyranitar is a dark rock type Pokémon and is known for its Rock Head ability. It has a typing of dark, which is inspired by the real life rock-type Pokémon.

New Pokemon Snap includes a variety of requests known as LenTalk Requests, one of which has you photographing Tyranitar.

A picture of Tyranitar breaking through the rock is required for this particular photo.

  • 1626573655_890_New-Pokemon-Snap-Totally-Cool-Tyranitar-Tyranitar-Request-Guide
  • POKEMON: Tyranitar
  • OBJECTIVE: Photograph Tyranitar breaking through the rock.
  • Sweltering Sands is the name of the location (Day)
  • PRIZES: Phil – Monitor (Frame)
  • DESCRIPTION: Just as I was about to take this picture, Lycanroc bolted. Tyranitar, I’m sure he could smash straight through that rock!
  • Go to the Oasis and then turn right along the other path.
  • After that, Lycanroc (Midday Form) should emerge and leap from the cliffs.
  • Our mission now is to use the Fluffruit to entice Lycanroc to Tyranitar.
  • Lycanroc will then rush up to Tyranitar and awaken him; at this time, you must toss an Illumina Orb at Tyranitar and keep throwing them; do not stop.
  • Continue to hurl Illumina Orbs at Tyranitar until the adjacent rock is broken.
  • Photograph Tyranitar as he bursts through the rock.





It has been 4 years since the last game of Pokemon Snap was released for the N64. Pokemon Snap : Totally Cool Tyranitar is a new “Pokemon Snap” game for the DS based on “Pokemon Snap : Totally Cool Tyranitar”. If you loved “Pokemon Snap : Totally Cool Tyranitar” than you will understand why its so cool. As the name suggests, this version features totally cool Tyranitar. If you want to see him in action, click on the link below to see the video. Read more about oasis buddies pokémon snap and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get tyranitar in Pokemon Snap?

You can get a tyranitar in Pokemon Snap by catching one.

How do you get tyranitar to break rock snap?

You can use a move like earthquake or rock slide.

How do I fulfill LenTalk requests?

LenTalk requests are fulfilled by the LenTalk team.


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