In the game, NieR: Replicant, there are several story elements that are unlocked through the main story, but most of them are side quests. However, some of them are optional and will get you additional items that you can use in the main game.

Taking place in 2021, NieR: Automata 2071 reveals the quest of the android 2B, an ally of humanity, to find a mysterious stone that can counter the black substance affecting the machine lifeforms. The story begins on board the spaceship “Mary Celeste”, a player owned ship running on the android OS, and the journey of finding the “NieR Automata 2071” side quest continues in the game.

This guide covers the side quest “The Magical Stone” in the NieR: Replicant Ver. remake (aka, the NieR: 2021 remake). “The Magical Stone” is one of the side quests from the NieR: Replicant Ver. remake. In this quest, you go on a journey to a mysterious peak in a distant region of the game world. Once there, you learn that you have been infused with magical powers, which allows you to activate the magical power of the stone.

The Magical Stone is one of the numerous side missions in NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 Remake 2021 that you may discover and accomplish.

There are a total of 70 distinct side missions in the game, which may be discovered in a variety of different locations and parts.

The side mission The Magical Stone entails locating a strange fortune-teller stone.

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  • REGION: Wilderness
  • CLIENT: Fortune-teller
  • 10000 GOLD REWARDS
  • REQUIREMENTS: All 5 Key Fragments must be acquired.
  • Head to the Forest of Myth after you’ve collected all 5 Key Fragments.
  • Speak with the fortune-teller who is seated beside a tree.
  • She seems to believe that once she has this mystery magical stone, people would rush to her fortune-telling company. The delivery, on the other hand, is yet to come.
  • Let’s start our hunt for the delivery by going back to Popola at the Library.
  • We now know that this mystical, enigmatic stone is known as the Eye of Power, and that it may or may not be found in the Lost Shrine.
  • If you climb to the Lost Shrine’s roof, you’ll discover a beautiful colored box that can be moved. As a result, relocate it!
  • You’ll want to transfer it through the gap in the building’s wall with the boarded-up entrance.
  • Jump over the wall here, which is why the box was relocated in the first place! Then you’ll see that there’s still another box that has to be moved.
  • This time, transfer the box to the other cracked wall and repeat the process. Instead of leaping over the wall, we want to go to the top platform and be as high up as possible in this region.
  • Follow the tree roots around to another movable box and a lot of Shade on the deck above.
  • Now that they are taken care of, look up and you should see a platform above you; you want to be up here, so utilize the box to assist you.
  • You’ll come across another Shade, which you must fight in order to acquire the Eye of Power.
  • Return to the customer of the fortune-teller
  • You may get the Iron Pipe if you choose to listen to her fate (the weapon used in the prologue)





In the year 2021, war has ravaged the world. A mysterious stone, the source of infinite power, has been lost for more than a century. In order to restore peace and order, the Japanese government has tasked the “White Army” with recovering the stone. The White Army will reward those who assist it in finding the stone with anything they desire. If you are a fan of NieR:Automata, you will want to play NieR Replicant: The Magical Stone (Side Quest) Guide, a crossover guide that gives you insight into the mysteries of the game’s alternate world. It covers the main story and side quests of the game, and it includes information about hidden items, side missions, and characters. ~~. Read more about nier replicant weapons guide and let us know what you think.


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