Nintendo has confirmed that the upcoming Switch will not come with a new CPU or more RAM. This is because the console uses cartridges which are much smaller than traditional game discs, making it impossible to fit in additional hardware.

The nintendo switch pro is a rumor that Nintendo will be releasing a new Switch model with more RAM and a new CPU.

We stumbled across a tweet from Nintendo of America earlier today. The tweet revealed a new Nintendo Switch model with an OLED display.


There will be no modifications to the CPU or RAM, though. This implies that the update will be applied to current Nintendo devices. Nintendo has also verified the information.

“Nintendo Switch (OLED model) does not feature a new CPU, or more RAM, than earlier Nintendo Switch models,” according to a statement sent by Nintendo to The Verge. Nintendo, on the other hand, made no formal comment about this in the product introduction video or on their marketing website.

Nintendo also stated that all docks are interchangeable, implying that the new Switch may be used with the old ones without difficulty.

The new Switches will feature improved audio, according to the same article; however, Nintendo claims that no formal modifications have been made in terms of audio. As a result, it’s a little perplexing.

Bluetooth headset support, on the other hand, is not provided. Bluetooth is supported by the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), but exclusively for the Joy-Con controllers.

The new OLED Switch is set to be launched on October 8th, with a $350 price tag.


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The Nintendo Switch CPU is a topic that has been discussed. Nintendo has stated that the new console will come with a new CPU and more RAM than the previous models. Reference: nintendo switch cpu.

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The Switch has a total of 2GB of RAM.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Will the OLED switch have better hardware?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The OLED switch will have better hardware than the original Switch, but it is not known what this means.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How much RAM did the switch have?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM does switch OLED have?

The Switch has a total of 2GB of RAM.

Will the OLED switch have better hardware?

The OLED switch will have better hardware than the original Switch, but it is not known what this means.

How much RAM did the switch have?


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