This week’s new Nioh patch (Version 2.03) is said to add a new picture scroll quest titled “Maki the Summer Boy.” When the patch is installed, the newly included picture scroll will be available for use. It will be available before the new patch update is applied.

The Nioh 2 patch that released on March 22nd added a new set of picture scrolls. It’s the first time that the main antagonist, the powerful samurai “Shirou”, has appeared in the game, and we hope that the new character will continue to appear in future updates.

The popular action game Nioh 2 has received a new patch update.

Fresh image scrolls, latest balancing tweaks, and bug fixes are all reported to be included in this new version.

The most recent version is currently ready for download, according to reports.


Additional Information

  • Picture Scrolls with opponents and bosses from “The Tengu’s Disciple” have been added. In Dream of the Demon, you may get these “Scroll of the Demon” Picture Scrolls.

Adjustments to the Balance

  • The equipment dropped by opponents in the Dream of the Demon has been adjusted as follows:
  • Increased the frequency of Special Effects that do not show while utilizing the Blacksmith’s Temper function.
  • To make it simpler for the highest value to occur, the minimum value for the randomly selected Special Effects was increased. (There have been no modifications to the maximum value.)
  • When triggered after a 2nd Quick Attack from High Stance, the Splitstaff ability “Seesaw Strike” has been tweaked to strike opponents more readily.
  • When executing a grapple following a successful Burst Counter, the Special Effects accessible during Yokai Shift are now triggered.
  • The Special Effect, “Deflect Bullets & Arrows (Timely Guard),” is now able to deflect some other projectiles. (The deflectable attacks are same as the Switchglaive skill, “Whirling Blade,” and the Onmyo Magic skill, “Gust Talisman.”)
  • Bakegani and Nuppeppo’s Amrita and gold incentives have been reduced.
  • In The Tengu’s Disciple, the Amrita and gold payouts from bosses have been increased.

Bug Fixes

  • When the Splitstaff Skill “Fluid Form” was activated, the Mid Stance Quick Attack of the Splitstaff would not hit properly.
  • When using a Splitstaff to execute a Sneak Attack on a Yokai opponent, the Sneak Thief ability was not triggered.
  • If the Active Skills “Dragon Fang,” “Dragon Claw,” “Dragon Horn,” or “Merciless Barrage” were set, the shift animation would not be stopped, and the player character would not instantly make the move to grapple while executing a Yokai Shift close to an opponent in a grappleable condition.
  • Kashin Koji would not attack if his health was lowered by a specific amount shortly after he spawned, as discovered in Picture Scroll missions.
  • Fixed an issue where Kashin Koji might resurrect after being grappled in Picture Scroll missions.
  • Fixed an issue where shrines could not be worshipped at and the Picture Scroll gauge would be empty after resurrecting if the player died at the same time as the boss in certain Picture Scroll missions.
  • Players who had not yet acquired Dream of the Demon were able to play Scroll of the Demon missions by completing specific stages during an Expedition.
  • Fixed an issue with Picture Scroll Expeditions where it may become impossible to proceed if the host automatically times-out while they have the mission selection screen open.
  • Fixed an issue with Picture Scroll Expeditions where, if a particular technique was used, it was possible to start a Picture Scroll mission even if you didn’t have a Demon Parade Picture Scroll, and it would become difficult to continue.
  • When on an Expedition with three players, an application error would occur at a certain occurrence in The Tengu’s Disciple’s primary objective, “A Song to Calm the Storm.”
  • The boss in The Tengu’s Disciple’s primary quest, “A Song to Calm the Storm,” did not respawn when the player revived if both the player and the boss killed at the same moment.
  • The boss battle in The Tengu’s Disciple’s primary quest, “Eternal Rivals,” was fixed to prevent the monster from doing rush attacks indefinitely.
  • After being struck with the Odachi talent “Bolting Boar,” the boss in The Tengu’s Disciple quests “Eternal Rivals” and “Bond of the Blade” would not move for a long time.
  • Fixed an issue where the Visitor would fail the objective if the host left the session first in The Tengu’s Disciple sub mission “The Tale of the Taira.”
  • Fixed an issue in the mission “A Strong Bond” where if you continued after failing under specific conditions, the treasure box that was part of the objective criteria would vanish, making it difficult to continue.
  • Fixed a problem where common rarity Soul Cores fell with the “Rarity Inheritance (Soul Fusion)” Special Bonus in the Dream of the Demon.
  • When Yoshitsune’s Armor had the Divine rarity, the “Equipment Weight” was abnormally high. This has been fixed.
  • When the amount of goods in the storehouse was large, the Storehouse menu would become slow. This has been fixed.
  • The judgment for how the movement of the left stick snaps to each symbol was changed on the “Learn Skills” weapon selection screen.
  • In versions 1.11 to 1.13, there was a bug where information from the Smithing Texts given to the Blacksmith before quitting the game program would be lost if you began a new game. (After installing patch version 1.14, the information from the Smithing Texts that were turned in will be recovered.)
  • The Body Marking options in the character creation were occasionally reset, which was fixed.

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