Gigabyte has introduced a new mining motherboard, the Z390 Aorus Pro. The board is designed for cryptocurrency mining and comes with two M.2 PCIe Gen3 x4 slots, one PCIe Gen 3 x16 slot, and four SATA ports.

Gigabyte has introduced a new mining motherboard that will be available in the market later this year. The company is hoping to attract more users and miners with this product. Read more in detail here: gigabyte mining motherboard.

Even if previous predictions projected that bitcoin would plummet to zero, since mining remains viable for the time being, some businesses are attempting to capitalize on this new industry by joining the market and developing mining-related goods.

Gigabyte has recently released the GA-B250-FinTech motherboard, which is specialized to mining and can handle up to 12 graphics cards, which is crazy. In general, a mining motherboard with support for six GPUs is typical, although having support for multiple GPUs only raises one issue. Will you be able to get 12 GPUs at this time?


The board is equipped with an LGA 1151 socket, which can accommodate Skylake and Kabylake CPUs. There are 12 PCI slots in all, one of which is a conventional PCI-Ex 16 slot and the others are PCI-Ex 1 slots spaced apart. Except for this, all of the other features are normal and nothing special. However, the primary benefit of this board will be that it will save a significant amount of money for those who utilize six GPUs on each motherboard, which raises the total cost of the motherboard, including CPUs, storage, and memory.

The board comes with two PCI-E 12 V power connections, which may be used to supplement the board’s power supply if it becomes inadequate. The board is also claimed to have the Gigabyte Mining Kit, which will enable you to turn on or off the machine directly from the board, which is a feature that most mining racks lack.

The board includes a unique option in the BIOS called Mining Mode, as well as a few additional features that are allegedly exclusively for “mining.” Let’s check what Gigabyte charges, but I never advocate mining on this site since it just promotes gaming and recommends components for it.


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Gigabyte has introduced the amd mining motherboard which is a motherboard that is designed for cryptocurrency mining.

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