Nvidia Geforce Partner Program is officially dead now

Nvidia has officially killed its Geforce Partner Program, a program that was meant to help developers get their games on the Nvidia platform. The company says it will now use a more traditional approach to selling games and hardware.

Nvidia has officially killed their Geforce Partner Program. The program was a way for Nvidia to reward partners with free hardware and software in return for promoting Nvidia products. Read more in detail here: nvidia new gpu. is the source of this image.

For the last several weeks, Nvidia has been embroiled in a dispute over its GPP (Geforce partner program), which allegedly prevented OEMs from producing graphics cards for other suppliers, such as AMD. There have been a lot of stories and rumors about this, and we have also published a lot of news about it in the last several weeks. Kyle Bennet of HardOCP was the first to report on this unique program, which was allegedly unlawful, and there were many steps from the graphics card maker that indicated that Nvidia was engaged in such operations.

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People began to boycott the program as a result, and Nvidia’s reputation suffered as a result. AMD also published a blog post a few weeks ago on freedom of choice, explicitly criticizing Nvidia’s special “Gamers TAX.” Asus, on the other hand, has launched the AREZ graphics card line for AMD Radeon cards. This caused a lot of uncertainty for many people, and in the end, Nvidia chose to terminate the GPP due of the rumors and lies that were spread about.

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“GPP has a simple aim – ensuring that gamers know what they are getting and can make a clear choice,” Nvidia said in a recent blog post. They claimed that the majority of their partners consented to their GPP program terms, and that the GPP made no changes. Despite the fact that the message was brief and did not explain many points, they have removed their GPP to prevent any potential distraction.


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