The leak of the Nvidia GTX 1180 PCB shows that the card will have a Tensor core GPU, which is an upgraded version of the Turing architecture.

The pcb meaning is a term that refers to the printed circuit board of a computer, which is typically seen in an electrical appliance or electronic component.

As the debut of Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards approaches, we’re receiving more and more information about the GTX 1180, including some specifications. The PCB for the GTX 1180 leaked online today, and here is a picture of it:- is the source of this image.

Now, let’s dissect its components and see what we can learn from its PCB.


Nvidia GTX 1180 PCB breakdown

The PCB contains a total of 8 memory dyes, implying that the GPU would have at least 8-16GB of GDDR6 memory, similar to the GTX 1080, which already has 8GB of VRAM. There are a total of ten power phases for overclocking and power management that are frequently utilized by Nvidia, but they are not known to use all of them. As you can see from the Dark Blue line on the left, the card will come with a SLI port and a total of 4x I/O ports. The final one seems to be a bit different from the others, and it’s speculated that it’s the VirtualLink USB Type-C connection, which is anticipated to appear on next-generation cards.

The card will be powered by 6+8 power connections and will have a 256-bit memory interface. In the standard design, the GTX 1080 has 8+8 power connections, which may indicate that the GTX 1180 is a power-efficient card with a TDP of 170 to 200 watts and can be readily supplied with a 400-500 watt power supply. As we previously mentioned, the card is expected to be unveiled during the Gamescom event, and we only have a few weeks before we see Nvidia’s next generation cards.


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