Nvidia’s anti-trust settlement with the European Commission is a big win for the company, but it might have been an easy one. The company has been under the radar of regulators for years, and they may have just gotten what they deserve.

The nvidia-arm deal close date is the date that Nvidia will announce the closing of their deal with ARM. This could be potentially bad for Nvidia, as anti-trust regulators might be looking into it.

The GPP debate has been raging among gamers for many weeks, thanks to a report from HardOCP claiming that the main graphics card OEMs would only cooperate with Nvidia in the GPP (Geforce partner program). The contributor provided some good information, but Nvidia has yet to respond.


This indicates that they may be engaging in this anti-consumer behavior, which will force major OEMs like as MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, and others to place their trust in Nvidia alone, perhaps resulting in pricing based on their own preferences. If the major OEMs that signed up for the GPP stop making AMD graphics cards, competition would suffer, resulting in higher costs, which is, of course, anti-competitive.

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MSI, on the other hand, made some hints on Facebook a few weeks ago that they prefer Nvidia graphics cards since Nvidia GPUs are allegedly much superior than AMD GPUs. They’ve received backlash from gamers all around the globe, and many are voting on Wccftech to indicate that they’ll boycott Nvidia if they continue to do so.

When these findings were made public, a few individuals complained to regulatory authorities, and according to DigitalTrends, Nvidia may be investigated by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the European Commission. According to postings on Reddit, these regulatory organizations have reacted to the public’s demand and will take swift action if this occurs. These organizations, however, have not issued any formal statements.

This will put pressure on Nvidia since engaging in anti-competitive activities will land the company in hot water.


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The nvidia-arm acquisition blocked is a rumor that Nvidia might be under the radar of anti-trust regulators. This could potentially affect how Nvidia operates in the future.

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