BLD is a service that configures your PC according to the games you want to play. It will pick the best settings for your hardware and optimize them to run at their peak performance.

The nzxt bld is a new service brought by NZXT. It allows users to configure their PC according to the games they are playing.

It’s been almost a month since the mining frenzy erupted, rendering graphics cards unusable. Most of us have seen certain businesses, such as Micro Center, take steps to offer graphics cards at reasonable rates, while others, such as MainGear, are getting into the mining industry by providing pre-built mining systems.

NZXT began operations in 2017 with the goal of offering pre-built gaming PCs at an inexpensive price. Because GPUs are in limited supply, it is now preferable to purchase a pre-built PC rather than construct one yourself. This service is called “BLD,” and it costs $99 for certain extra features that you won’t receive if you construct your own PC.


This service allows you to customize your PC for certain games. Before completing, the service will ask you to complete a few steps so that you may learn more about the components that will be included in your Rig.

The first step is to press the START NOW button. Then a box will appear allowing you to choose the games you wish to play on your computer. Choose three games from this list and then click PICK YOUR PRICE. After that, you’ll be asked if you want to construct an AMD or Intel-based machine. Choose a platform, and it will tell you how much it will cost to run those games at their highest settings.

The software will also tell you how many frames per second you’ll receive at 1080p and 1440p resolutions.

The components that will be utilized in your computer will be mentioned. If you wish to replace certain components, you may, however this build is limited to NZXT cases. From here, you may alter the CPU, cooler, motherboard, graphics card, and other components, and the pricing will adjust appropriately.

 Configuring Build

I liked this method because, although it won’t save you a lot of money, it does put a price cap on graphics cards, which isn’t the case when you purchase them from Amazon or Newegg. All of these parts will now be covered by a two-year guarantee.


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The NZXT brings BLD service that configures PC according to the games is a new service by NZXT. This service allows users to configure their PC according to the games they are playing. Reference: gaming pc.

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