The Manta is a new all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that combines the best of performance and silence. It’s designed with an open loop pump, which means it’s compatible with any standard closed loop liquid cooling system.

The nzxt manta discontinued is a gaming case that is no longer manufactured by NZXT.



The NZXT Manta is one of the few mini-ITX cases that can accommodate a large number of components while still using premium and high-quality materials for long-term dependability. The case features a convex shape that makes it easy to attach components, and there is plenty of room for lengthy graphics cards and AIO coolers to be installed. The casing is modular, and the inside has a nice design that allows for vertical SSD installation. There is room for putting a hard drive at the rear of the case, as well as in the PSU shroud.


The casing comes in four colors and has a large side window panel that is regrettably not tempered glass. It can accommodate 280mm radiators in the front and top, as well as one 120mm radiator in the back. Isn’t it fantastic? Despite having so much support, the size of this case is larger than other ITX cases on the market.

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NZXT Manta Specs


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The nzxt manta power supply is a gaming-oriented power supply that has been designed to provide clean, stable power for the most demanding systems.

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