An online casino is a platform that allows you to gamble on the Internet. Such sites are popular among users: they offer a lot of slots; you don’t need to leave your house to launch them. The online gaming portal operates on the basis of a random number generator; therefore, the results depend on luck. One of the best gaming portals you can find on the Net is Bet Sofa. The web resource offers exciting games, cool bonuses, and quality services.

Any online gaming portal operates according to the same principles:

  • The portal operates on the basis of software provided by developers.
  • The game process takes place on the manufacturers’ servers. They monitor the stability of the software, configure the software, and monitor its operation. Games produced by the same developer, placed on different sites, become a single network. Similarly, a jackpot is formed, consisting of bets in different casinos.
  • The platform with slots is controlled by the operator company. Its responsibilities include conducting payment transactions, attracting customers, developing a bonus program, consulting gamesters, and much more.
  • The software developer and the operator conclude a contract. The manufacturer controls the correct operation of the software and ensures that the second party does not interfere with the results of the gamble and does not cheat users.

These are the main principles of the work of a reliable gaming portal. If you want to find a credible portal with safe services and plenty of games, casino BetSofa is what you need. Only certified games are presented on the website, ensuring the gamesters that the gambling process is not violated. Moreover, all the gamesters can obtain cool bonuses, which make the gaming process even more exciting.

 About the Compulsive Gambling Problem

Gambling can be addictive. To avoid this, casinos remind customers about the main principles of security. As for casino BetSofa, it has a useful Gambling and Betting blog where successful game tips are given, and recommendations on how to avoid compulsive gambling are provided:

  • It is necessary to determine in advance the amount after receiving or losing which game session will be stopped.
  • You should not bet on borrowed funds.
  • You cannot risk money, the loss of which will damage your personal or family budget.
  • With prolonged sessions, you need to take breaks for 10 minutes every hour.

Pay attention that only users who are not less than 18 are allowed to register on gaming portals.


It is not easy to find a credible gaming portal. To find a reliable resource, you need to study how casinos work. Knowing the main principles of casino work will help you to find a suitable portal and be successful when gambling online.



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