In Outriders, players must explore and mine an alien planet, and do so by following notes left behind by a long-dead civilization. As the player, you must piece together the story of this civilization by interacting with the various journal entries, and by looking at and discovering various elements and objects that you can interact with.

Outriders is a side-scrolling action RPG with roguelike elements. It features procedurally generated dungeons, a wide variety of weapons, armor, and item and enemy types, and a vast world to explore.

Outriders is a game of adventure, survival and exploration. It’s also a game about adventure, survival and exploration. Explore. Hike. Survive. Outrun. Run. Escape. Race. We’ve got an entire generation of gamers who love games that are difficult, rewarding and entertaining. Outriders is ours.

Journals and Notes are often dispersed across the Outrider and Enoch worlds; however, they are not indicated on the map, making them difficult to locate.

However, you will find all of the required Journals and Notes inside Forest Enclave here. There are a total of 5 to locate and gather.



  • LOCATION: Camp
  • INFO: After passing Bailey and keeping to the left, you should come upon an old abandoned camp. This is where you’ll find the collectable.


  • Enclave Camp is the location.
  • INFO: You’ll find this one adjacent to Mercer Acosta.


  • Enclave Camp is the location.
  • INFO: If you want to go near to the final one, just perform a U-turn from the platform you’re standing on.


  • Enclave Camp is the location.
  • INFO: Continue down the path as though you were continuing the narrative, but keep an eye out for a tiny set of steps on the left side. The next one is up here.


  • Acosta’s Expedition, Acosta’s Expedition, Acosta’s Expedition, Acosta’s Expedition
  • INFO: To access this area, you must first complete the Outriders’ Legacy side quest, after which you will be sent to this destination. The collectable is a must-have since it is required for the quest.





Outriders is the newest video game from the creators of The Walking Dead: Season 1 and The Walking Dead: Season 2. You play as a lone wolf on a dangerous mission to recover an artifact from a secret base in the forest. You have to fight through hordes of zombies in this action-packed game and also cover the mystery of the missing scouts. The game is divided into 5 chapters, each of which has a particular difficulty level. The objective of this walkthrough is to cover the locations of all 5 Journals in each of these 5 chapters.. Read more about where is the forest enclave outriders and let us know what you think.


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