Many of you have probably already played Outriders, which is published by the guys at indie game studio As a side quest, Outriders follows the adventures of Bob the Outrider, who has been tasked by his leader Corvus to help track down a series of escaped convicts that have been killing each other. Bob has to find the missing criminals and try to stop them from killing each other.

Outriders : Dying Wish (Side Quest) Guide is a quest that will be available to play only during the second week of July. Its primary purpose is to allow you to unlock the “Dying Wish” achievement for the Outriders Expansion pack.

There is a new town in the land of Kherta called Fejr. This town is rich in nature and history, with a mixed population of different races and cultures. It is also the site of a long time mystery, a sect of outriders. They appear to be a humble group, seeking out lost relics, but looking for much more…

Dying Wish is one of the numerous optional side missions in the popular action game Outriders that you may discover and finish. It entails attempting to assist an injured miner.

Thankfully, side missions in Outriders may be replayed as many times as you like, so if you loved a particular side quest, you can do it again. You must, however, locate and finish the mission at least once before continuing.

The prizes you get for completing these side missions have the potential to vary each time you finish the quest, so for the sake of this tutorial, I’ll only list the benefits that I personally got.

  • Jabari Achebe is the client.
  • REWARD: 1000 EXP, x1 Selectable Gear (Rare).
  • LOCATION: Riverbed
  • Speak to a wounded or dying guy sitting beside the wooden planks down at the Riverbed.
  • He was a miner who was assaulted by a gang of insurgents, and now he seeks vengeance.


The Insurgents took over the Quarry and killed everyone, according to a wounded miner.

He pointed to a line that snaked its way down into the mine, heading to explosives that would guarantee the insurgents never return.

The miner attempted to use the plunger, but it was ineffective. He thinks the line was snipped or damaged. Locate it and fix it.

  • To get to the Refinery, follow the demolition line.





A dying wish is a powerful item that you can use to get a side quest. It’s important because it will tell you how to unlock the last two side quests.. Read more about outriders convoy quest and let us know what you think.


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