Overwatch Genji Shuriken Fidget Spinners |

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Following the release of Overwatch’s Legendary Edition, players have been speculating about Genji’s iconic ninja star. Now, a company called “BIC” has successfully made a fidget spinner that features the Shuriken weapon from the game. The spinner comes with a stainless steel frame, a hinge, a bearing, three bearings, and a pin. The Genji Shuriken Fidget Spinner is available in three color options: bronze, silver, and gold.

Overwatch Genji Shuriken Fidget Spinners |  Throwing shurikens with a flick of the wrist can be a fun distraction for some people to keep their hands busy. For others, it’s a way to focus on something other than the stress and worries of everyday life. Genji’s Shuriken is an excellent tool for fidgeting with, as it spins in place and can be spun both ways with one hand, which makes the Shuriken easy to hold and spin simultaneously. You can also adjust the length of the Shuriken by removing the string from the end.

Overwatch fans can spin and spin their shuriken with this amazing Overwatch Genji Shuriken fidget spinner. It is a great way to practice your aim with your fingers and to get the Overwatch fidget spinner spinning at the same time.


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