Patriot Memory, a division of the world’s leading DRAM and NAND flash memory manufacturer, is launching Viper RGB DDR4 memories with up to 4133Mhz frequency. The new memory modules will be available in dual-channel kits that are compatible with Intel X299 and AMD Ryzen 3000 series motherboards.

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Patriot is one of the memory manufacturers that offers memory modules at a lower cost than Corsair or G.Skill, but it is not as well-known among PC builders. This is because Patriot is late to new trends that other manufacturers have been adopting for a long time.

Many memory manufacturers have already released RGB LED DDR4 memories with high-performance capacities. Corsair, G.Skill, and HyperX are among the companies who have long used RGB illumination on their memory modules, with various designs and functions. Patriot has now followed suit, introducing their brand new Viper Gaming RGB Series DDR4 memory, which are now available for purchase on


Patriot has released these memory with varying clock speeds but the same design to take use of the RGB aesthetics. The Viper Gaming RGB series memory speeds range from 2666Mhz to 4133Mhz, making it one of the most powerful memory systems available. It did not set a world record, but it will provide you with a variety of choices for your money. Memory modules are available at speeds of 2666Mhz, 3000Mhz, 3200Mhz, 3600Mhz, and 4133Mhz, with prices ranging from $179.99 to $299.99 for two 8GB sticks.

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These memory include XMP 2.0 technology, which makes overclocking from the BIOS much easier. While the Viper Gaming RGB memory will work on both AMD and Intel systems, there are certain restrictions to overclocking them on a Ryzen system that you should be aware of. Viper RGB memories clocked up to 3000Mhz can operate at 1.2V, whereas memories clocked at 3200Mhz and 3600Mhz need 1.35V to operate reliably. These modules will need 1.4V for 4133Mhz.

Patriot Viper Gaming RGB Series RAM

Memory modules from the Viper Gaming RGB series are available in two colors: black and white. They all have 5 RGB LED illumination zones that work with every major RGB applications, including Asus Aura Sync, ASRock Polychrome Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, and MSI Mystic Light Sync.


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The patriot viper dram rgb is a new type of memory that has been released by Patriot. These memories are capable of reaching up to 4133Mhz, which makes them the fastest on the market.

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