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Goodgame Big Farm Game

This game was created by one of the most famous German studios, called GoodGame. The game was released in 2015 and, in 5 years, was able to collect a large audience and a huge number of positive reviews.

You have a huge number of different actions, such as breeding pets, growing plants and livestock, selling crops, processing them into products, building relationships with other players, and rebuilding your farm. Your goal is to become not just a farm but a significant part of society, a trading hub, and, most importantly, to make a decent profit. Measured game pace, nice graphics, minimum donation. A great option for those who want to relax and unwind for a couple of hours. No complicated training, combinations, or pumping characteristics. The game was able to absorb all the best of what is generally in this genre.

World of Warships Game

World of Tanks and World of Warships ― PC Games created by one developer. World of Warships was released in 2015. All this time, technology has not stood still, and the game has undergone many updates and improvements. One of the most important elements of any game is its visuals. Tank hide-and-seek in the folds of the terrain alternates with unpredictable maneuvers right under fire. Reset turn, gain turn, turn, turn around. The durability of vessels is also incomparable: even ships do not sink with a single hit, battleships calmly absorb shells by the dozens and hundreds, stubbornly refusing to go to the bottom. Each shot turns into a small task in itself. Remember, the shells have to cover kilometers to fly. You can aim at any knots only at the closest approach, but there’s no time – you have to bomb your opponent in the hope of making a hole. The rest of the time, you must calculate the distance, choose the vertical angle, pay attention to the speed of your own and the enemy’s ships, and consider the location of your guns.

Visuals bring not only aesthetics to the game but also influence the gameplay, helping you to make the right decisions and navigate in the fight.

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Haunted House Our

Our task is to explore the abandoned house, find the relic, and get back alive. The mansion consists of four floors and has a total of 24 rooms. Some of the rooms are locked ― so you’ll either have to find the key or try to get into them through workarounds. Inside the mansion, it’s pitch black. You can’t see any walls, stairs, or doors, so we have to use matches for lighting. But keep in mind that a lit match lights up a small patch around the protagonist. Searches are complicated by the fact that the relic you’re looking for is broken into three parts, and its pieces are scattered in different rooms. It is necessary to find all the pieces and connect them together. Moreover, it is impossible to know in advance where exactly the pieces of the magic relic are located. Each time we start the game, the location of the items is shaped randomly.

The developers managed to include a lot of original and interesting ideas in Haunted House. Nowadays, Haunted House can frighten nobody ― but their historical importance is undeniable. Everyone who is seriously interested in the history of horror games should play them.

Around the World in 80 Days

Jules Verne’s classic novel was first turned into a board game in 1957. Since then, other games with the same name have been released at least six times. I present to you the next and probably the most recent game on this theme.

Phileas Fogg made a wager with members of the Reform Club of London that he would circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. That evening Phileas packed his valise and set out with his servant. They soon discovered that Detective Fix was following them and trying to foil all their plans. Help Phileas Fogg and his companions make the circumnavigation of the globe in 80 days.

In addition to the high-quality design components, the game has an economical one-sheet version, and it can be played with a standard deck of playing cards.

Note that this is primarily a game for one, with an option for two players.

In this game, you will place cards into slots and add up their values to reach the Target Value. Reaching the Target Value allows you to move Phileas’s marker across the playing field.

At first glance, it seems simple, but the game will make you think. The right strategy in it is very important, although you can’t go far without luck.

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Scrap Garden

The game caught your attention by the funny little robot that is the protagonist of this game. Scrap Garden tells the story of the robot Kenny, who wakes up the world. In this world, all other robots have stopped because of a lack of power. Kenny must find a power generator to bring the robots back to life.

As it turns out, in addition to Kenny, there are several other robots surviving, one of which will guide and instruct.

Later, Kenny knows that he must collect and return the crystal that the dragon stole by activating five beams of power at once ― and then the energy will return to the city of robots.

Scrap Garden pleases with a cool musical accompaniment. And now, the main surprise ― the whole game can be completed in 3 hours while unlocking almost all the achievements.

The Silent Age

A great game, made in the spirit of quests of the 90s. The Silent Age is an atmospheric point-and-click quest with unusual and bright graphics. The game was developed by an independent Copenhagen studio called House on Fire, consisting of only three people.

The action of the quest takes place in two-time intervals: the initial 1972-th and the future 2012. The main character’s name is Joe, and he works as an ordinary office janitor. His life goes on tediously and monotonously until one day; his boss orders him to deal with an accident in an underground laboratory, to which the protagonist has not had access before. Down in the secret room, Joe discovers a blood trail on the floor and, walking a little further down the corridor, finds a wounded man. He explains that he got into their laboratory from the future and gives the main character a special device that allows him to travel in time. But along with this device, the janitor at the same time passes a responsible mission ― to save humanity, which is on the brink of death. Now, balancing between the past and the future, he must find and prevent an event that served as a reporting point for a terrible catastrophe.

The music perfectly fits the atmosphere of the game, with different sound effects, such as wind and rain noise, but it is completely unobtrusive and does not distract from the quest. This game is a great option for the one-night project. This quest has a lot of advantages: an excellent sci-fi story with unexpected turns and a bit sad ending, good and appropriate humor in all the right places, interesting and logical puzzles, and excellent graphic and sound performance.


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