PNY has reduced their warranty on their SSDs due to the recent increase in Chia mining. The company claims that they cannot guarantee performance and reliability, and that miners are putting a strain on the hardware.

PNY has reduced the warranty for their SSDs due to Chia mining. The company is asking consumers not to use the SSDs for mining cryptocurrencies, as they are using up too much power.

Due to the continuing scarcity of PC components, we’ve noticed an increase in demand for computer parts. The limited supply of chips is one reason for this, and the miners are another. GPUs are being sold for almost three times their original cost.


PNY has announced that the durability of their XLR8 CS3030 SSDs has been decreased. They did this without even making a formal statement. Thanks to Tom’s Hardware for reaching out to them and learning more about the situation.

PNY has acknowledged that its guaranteed writing endurance has been lowered to almost 80% of what it was before. For this stage, they have upheld two facts. The first is a NAND scarcity, and the second is a surge in demand for consumer-grade SSDs for Chia coin farming.

The drives’ TBW rating has been revised by PNY. The earlier XLR8 CS3030 utilized TLC NAND, which had lower TBW values according to their revised standard. However, it is difficult to distinguish between old and new drives since they are almost identical. According to PNY, old drives purchased before May 17, 2021 will be covered by a 5-year guarantee and will meet the old specifications. Those purchased after the deadline will be subject to the updated revisions.

Everyone should be happy with this choice, however as an OEM, PNY has to be more efficient. They should have made the modifications public before implementing them. They might have announced it on social media channels so that people were aware of the facts before making a decision.


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The how to mine chia network is a problem that has been present for a while. PNY has reduced the warranty of their SSDs due to the increased demand from people who are mining Chia Network.

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