The new Pokemon Sword and Shield games have launched on the Nintendo Switch, and we’ve already seen a few issues with the game’s save data. The most common is that the save data for Pokemon Sword and Shield is not being saved on the Nintendo Switch. To fix this, you have to connect the Nintendo Switch to your PC, then select “Change” from the save data menu, and select “Merge”.

Recently, I have been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield on my Nintendo switch. Since I don’t have a Nintendo account, I can’t transfer my Pokemon from my Gen 7 game to the new ones. I have been trying to find a way to fix that, because I want to be as good as possible for the new games. If you have the same problem, this guide will help you to fix the corrupted sd card.

Every time a new Pokemon game comes out, a bunch of eager fans have to make a ridiculous decision: are they going to buy a physical copy of the game or a digital version on their console or handheld. If the player decides to buy the digital version, they will need to put the entire game onto their console’s memory card, which is not possible for every game. This is especially the case when a Pokemon game needs about 40+ GB of storage, which you can’t just put onto a memory card. This is where the SD card comes in.

Despite the fact that it was just launched last week, gamers are already reporting corrupted SD cards in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The new starters are fantastic, with gamers combing the new Galar Region in an attempt to fill their bright new Pokedex, but concerns about missing data, as well as comments on Twitter and Reddit, have players worried.

Causes and solutions for corrupted SD cards in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corruption problems are impacting not just the new Pokemon game for Switch by causing it to crash when saving, but there have also been complaints that it is deleting the whole contents of data saved on their Switch SD card. Fortunately, it seems that the problem of it deleting the whole SD card material is merely rumor, since there have been no verified complaints.

SciresM, a Switch hacking enthusiast and dataminer, believes the issues causing the crash are due to the way our Nintendo Switch SD cards are formatted. The Pokemon Sword and Shield sd card corrupted problems are caused by SD cards being converted to exFAT, according to SciresM. To fix the problem, players are urged to format their SD cards in a certain manner. To prevent the crashing issue, ensure sure your SD card is formatted in the FAT32 file system. This tutorial from Dash Cam Bros shows how to format your Switch SD card securely (and properly). ***To prevent data loss, always save your game and switch off your Nintendo Switch before removing any SD cards from the system.

“May be poor game access patterns, or could be concurrent with accesses to get game data, or a lot of other stuff,” said the team behind the Pokemon Sword and Shield crashing issues. According to SciresM, there isn’t much evidence pointing to the reason.

Until Nintendo makes a more definite announcement, keep in mind that this issue only affects Pokemon Sword and Shield editions bought digitally via the Nintendo eShop. Those using SD cards with the exFAT file system are at danger of losing data; however, if you use FAT32, you shouldn’t be concerned. The exFAT users are only affected by data loss; the crashing situations are more common.

At worst, data loss will result in the loss of certain screenshots and games that can be re-downloaded through the Eshop. Saved games are also not saved on the Switch SD card, so you won’t lose them since they’re stored on the system’s internal memory. It’s not the best feature that came with Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it’s also something that can be easily fixed.

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If you’re enjoying Pokemon Sword and Shield on your Nintendo Switch but have been experiencing some serious  game-breaking  problems , then you’re not alone. Here’s how to fix the corrupted SD card error in Pokemon Sword and Shield.. Read more about pokemon sword and shield save files and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix corrupted data on a Pokemon sword?

You need to go into the games code and fix it yourself.

How do I fix corrupted data on Nintendo SD card?

If you are playing on a Nintendo Switch, the best way to fix corrupted data is to delete all of your save files and start over.

Can Pokemon sword get corrupted?

Pokemon Sword is a game that has been released by Nintendo. It was not developed by the same company as Beat Saber, so it is unlikely that this game will be corrupted.

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