With a new month comes the promise of new games to play on PS Plus and now, August has finally come and gone. With it, our annual tradition of revealing the games you’ll be able to download on your PS4 from August 1st to August 31st. This is our time to highlight some of the best games of the month, ones we think you’ll enjoy, and they’ll be available to download on August 1st, beginning at 11 AM EST and ending on the 31st, midnight.

After months of rumors, Sony finally revealed the PlayStation Plus games for August 2018 during the PSX conference. Because we are not at E3, Sony doesn’t typically make this sort of announcement ahead of time, but we can infer that these games are likely safe bets, given that Sony has a history of sharing unannounced games with its PlayStation Plus subscribers.

We’ve been hearing a lot about the upcoming PS Plus August 2018 games and finally, Sony has revealed what they’ll be offering for the month. While “Call of Duty: Black Ops III” is there at the top of the list, there are a few other big titles available for play as well:. Read more about free ps plus games and let us know what you think.

The long wait is over: the PS Plus August 2018 announcement was finally released today, a week later than anticipated, and it was well worth the wait. PlayStation has added some extremely enticing titles to its catalog this month that fans will want to get their hands on.

Check out the reveal video below, which was just released by the PlayStation press, to discover which titles will be included in your PlayStation Plus membership.


Mafia III is the third installment in the Mafia franchise (PS4)

Personally, I’ve never played any of the previous Mafia games, and I’ve heard mixed opinions on whether or not the gangster-themed game is worth playing – but with it being free, it’s a title worth adding to your collection.


PS Plus game of the month is Dead by Daylight (PS4).

Dead By Daylight is another one of those games that you always have on your to-play list. This is one thriller that will keep you on your toes, whether you play as a ruthless murderer or one of the four survivors on the run. Because it’s entirely multiplayer, you may want to warn anybody else using a mic not to scream if you hack their ass down with a machete!


Although the aforementioned titles will be available, PlayStation has a habit of not forgetting about the other platforms, so here’s a list of all the games that will be available for free in the PS Plus August 2018 roster.

Flame has bound you (PS3)

BFE (Serious Sam 3) (PS3)

Slasher should be drawn (PS Vita)

Hulk from Outer Space (PS Vita)

Here They Lie — PSVR – August 7–October 2 (PS VR)

Knowledge is Power – August 7 – November 6 – Play Link (PS4)

The game on PS Plus for August 2018 has ended.

That’s all we have for the PS Plus August 2018 lineup updates, although the roster revealed as part of the Xbox Games With Gold announcement for August 2018 was definitely stiff competition.

Remember to visit our PlayStation page each month for the most up-to-date PS Plus game lineups as they become available.

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