PUBG is currently on sale for the first time and it’s a great opportunity to jump into the game without having to pay an arm and a leg.

The PUBG is currently on sale for the first time is a gaming related topic. PUBG is currently on sale for the first time, and this will be the last chance to get it at its current price.

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PUBG, which pioneered the Battle Royale genre and achieved massive popularity in a short period of time, is now available for the first time on Steam. The game, which used to cost Rs 999 (approximately $15) in India, is now available at a reduction of 33%, bringing the price down to Rs 667. The game is well-known for its unique gameplay and is widely available across a variety of gaming platforms.

The game is only available for online multiplayer, so Rs 667 is reasonable, however there have lately been a slew of bad reviews, with the majority of players advising against purchasing the game. There have been reports from players who have spent over 1000 hours playing the game who claim that they used to like it but that it is now becoming a shambles. Instead than focusing on resolving server and performance issues, they are attempting to sell the crate keys.


Although many games utilize this method to maintain and extend their current servers, the underlying problem still has to be addressed. Bluehole has been chastised by gamers for failing to address the game’s problems and crashes. I was surprised to discover that just 31% of reviews were favorable in the last 30 days. The remainder of them were all negative.

While the game seems to have issues running correctly even on a decently strong system, I was able to consistently maintain 60 frames per second with my GTX 1060. If you like the game’s idea, you can get it now for a 33 percent discount that will expire on July 5th. Know that PUBG has over 400 million players worldwide across PC, Xbox, and mobile platforms.

Thank you to the more than 400 million gamers who have joined us on PC, Xbox, and mobile devices across the globe. For the first time ever, PUBG on Steam is on sale at a discount in celebration of this milestone. for more information PUBG on Steam:

— PUBG Corporation (@PUBG) on June 19, 2018

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PUBG is currently on sale for the first time. The game is currently $19.99 and includes all the content that was released before it’s release date. Reference: pubg support.

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