PUBG Corp has released a new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which includes nerfing the M24 and decreasing the potential of the Frag Grenade. This comes as no surprise to players who have been complaining about these changes for some time now. The addition of an Anti-Cheat system is also expected to be implemented in this update. is the source of this image.

PUBG is working hard to ensure that the game is enjoyed by everyone in the same manner it was when it was first released, and it also keeps track of community input in order to incorporate required improvements based on the requirements and needs that best fit the players. Their most recent patch, which was released on their website on May 30, 2018, makes significant modifications to the game.

The major features of this version are linked to Grenades/Molotovs, M24, and the brand new Anti-Cheat system, which is presently being tested on the test servers.



PUBG Update no. 14 is the source of this image.

The devs have made a number of changes to the grenades in the current patch, including removing the knockback effect from Frag Grenade, which significantly reduced its potential impact, as well as buffing its effective range and damage output.

The next change is to the Stun Grenades, which have always been overlooked, and in order to make them more effective and rewarding, they have made some changes that will allow stunned players’ vision, hearing, and ability to shoot accurately, as well as increasing the effective radius and animation of the Grenades.

The Molotov is the last item in this segment, and it is the least popular frag in the game. As a result, they have updated the item, which now has a larger area of effect, and the newly updated item will allow the fire to spread through the surrounding surfaces, as well as certain de-buffs for players who are affected by it.

Apart from these throwables, the M24 has been nerfed, and instead of being included in care packages, it will now be accessible in world spawn loot tables, which the developers hope will serve as a viable alternative to the Kar98k. The last noteworthy feature of this patch is the addition of all new Anti-Cheat, which was created by PUBGCorp and is now running on test-servers, indicating that it will be deployed to live servers very soon. They are currently collecting input on this new system and will update as needed.

Please check their website for the most up-to-date information.


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