Raft is an open-world survival game that has players stranded on a deserted island. Players must use their creativity to build, craft, and survive in this harsh environment. The game will be available for purchase on Steam Early Access starting September 30th.


We’ve seen a lot of open world survival games, but this time a new one is on the way, and it’ll be available in early access on Steam next month. Raft began as a prototype on Itch.io, and thanks to the community’s enthusiasm, an Early Access version with additional features, including online multiplayer, will be released on Steam on May 23rd, 2018.


The game starts with players waking up on an endless ocean with nothing but a small raft and a plastic hook. Your trusty hook is used to catch fish and hoist debris from the water, but the danger is not over yet as the ocean’s deadliest creature “Sharks” still exists and can haunt you even in your dreams. You may progressively increase your survival toolbox using the resources you’ve gathered.

With a strong desire to live and flourish in the harsh environment, you’ll ultimately learn to harvest and cook in order to meet your basic requirements, as well as construct new things and expand the footprint of your raft into something like to a floating fortress.

Raft was first released as a free prototype on itch.io by Redbeet Interactive in 2016, and subsequent upgrades have allowed players to enjoy a considerably fuller experience. The most recent major update was published at the beginning of 2017, and the developers stated that they want to offer the game on Steam next year.

The new version of Steam, which will be released in May, will have a better visual style, explorable islands, and reefs that may be searched for treasure by diving under the waters. There’s also online co-op gaming, so you can share your naval exploits with your pals.

Check out their Official Page for additional information about the game.


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Raft: Open World Survival is coming to Steam early access. It’s a survival simulator that allows players to build their own raft and survive in the open world with other players. Reference: raft survival simulator.

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Yes, the game is still in early access.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Does raft survival cost money?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Raft survival does not cost money.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What systems can you play raft on?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
I can play on any system that has a PS4 controller.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is raft still in early access?

Yes, the game is still in early access.

Does raft survival cost money?

Raft survival does not cost money.

What systems can you play raft on?

I can play on any system that has a PS4 controller.

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