The latest Rainbow Six Siege update introduces a new skin, the Sunsplash Collection. This collection includes three skins themed around the summer season, with a new weapon skin for each, and all of them are available from June 26th to July 3rd.

The sunsplash r6 is a new skin for Rainbow Six Siege that gives it a beach-themed look.

Ubisoft has introduced an all-new collection to one of its most popular gaming titles, Rainbow Six Siege, called Sunsplash Collection, which includes 12 unique summer skins that will be available for a short time. Not only that, but every gamer will get two new skins the next time they check in.


Apart from the free skins, if you want to purchase one, you’ll have to spend real money in the game. These skins will not be accessible via the regular drop system and will be available until July 17. This is the second time Ubisoft has released a limited-time skin collection, the first being the ones released during the Outbreak Operations event earlier this year.

According to their official article, Lesion, IQ, and Dokkaebi will all have unique skins that will not be duplicated. The skin for Dokkaebi is called The Scuba Six uniform, and it comes with Freedive helmet, Orange Peel weapon skin, and Diving for Intel charm, and it looks amazing.

The Sonoran Chill costume, Easy Train headgear, Summer Bloom weapon skin, and Flip-Flop charm are included in the IQ collection, whereas the Blue Hibiscus uniform, Summer Cool headgear, Subtropical weapon skin, and Tiki Teeth pendant are included in the Lesion collection.

The whole collection set will cost you about 2700 game credits, which is almost equivalent to 23 dollars in real-world money.


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The Rainbow Six Siege gets new skin: Sunsplash Collection is a new skin that has been released for the game. It is available to purchase and can be unlocked through gameplay. Reference: r6 loot.

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