When you join a large online casino and a message pops, you know you’re locked out right away. When you are in the process of trying to launch a game, deposit/withdraw money on other websites, or use new ice casino no deposit bonus codes 2022 a notice of your ban will appear. Players who got blocked will also receive a mail alerting them that their account has been closed.

When consumers try to access their accounts, legitimate casinos usually notify them immediately if their account has been disabled. Operators also use alerts or email to justify freezing an account or withholding a player’s money in their virtual vaults. Favorable situations typically allow players to reclaim their account ownership; however, severe cases permanently delete the account.

When a casino protects itself against hackers or a player defies its rules, access to their account and money gets frozen.

Why would you get locked out of an online casino account?

To assist you in avoiding these problems, we’ve outlined reasons in this article why online casinos in Hong Kong ban or lock players of casinos out of their accounts.

Too Many Failed Login Attempts

When someone repeatedly logs in with their account information, banning an account is one way to preserve a player’s cash. A safety feature in online casinos identifies several logins attempt for an account, which are usually hackers attempting to brute force the password.

Fortunately, gamers may contact support to have their accounts reactivated if this happens. Additionally, after a breach, locking an account serves as a reminder to implement the two-factor authentication (2FA) system on your account to protect it from hackers.

Duplicate Account

The “one account per person” restriction is one of the regulations imposed by online Hong Kong casinos. Online casinos use the IP address of duplicate accounts to trace them down. When many accounts connect to the same casino from the same IP, they risk having their money frozen even if they use different login or account credentials.

Duplicate account situations frequently occur by chance. For instance, suppose a gamer forgets their account information and establishes a new one. Accessing the same site by more than one family member might result in account suspension.

Illegal Bank Transactions

Money laundering is a crucial source of worry for gaming regulatory agencies since casinos, present criminals with a convenient way to legalize unlawful cash. Depending on the country, casinos may be required to disclose an account suspected of laundering money. Anti-money laundering legislation in the United States requires operators to disclose transactions above $5,000.

The usage of prohibited payment methods such as prepaid debit cards is another way to be barred owing to banking activities. Operators can sometimes discover players who live in their prohibited nations by looking at their bank account information.

Failed Verification Process

Online Hong Kong casinos demand you complete a verification step when you create an account. New gamers who want to authenticate their account must produce a government ID or proof of identification—anyone who does not finish the procedure risks having their account suspended.

As a part of the “Know Your Customers” (KYC) requirement, every regulated casino expects to verify its players. In addition, KYC measures are in place to keep money from being laundered through a gaming site.

Bonus Harvesting

Hong Kong Online casinos frequently provide welcome incentives to entice new players to sign up. Free spins and deposit bonuses are examples of bonuses. Anyone who takes advantage of these advantages by establishing multiple accounts risks receiving a permanent ban.

Players are encouraged to suggest their friends and relatives to casinos, including anybody with the same IP address. Multiple casino accounts in one IP address are allowed if only one player claims the bonus among other casino clients in the same household.

Underage Gambling

The UKGC, like other regulatory bodies throughout the world, is quite stringent when it comes to underage gamblers. Casinos are supposed to keep children out of their establishments. If a regulatory body discovers that an operator is allowing underage players to play, the operator risks losing their license and incurring a hefty punishment.

Players who get banned for being under 18 do so after making an account and submitting an ID that reveals their actual age.

Data Breach

When hackers acquire access to an online casino database, all accounts are locked. An operator can prevent fraudsters from taking your funds or personal information by banning your account.

Criminals attempt to break into internet casinos daily. On the other hand, every large casino employs the most up-to-date security methods to prevent illegal entry. When a data breach occurs, it generally gets repaired right away. However, certain operators will need you to update your password before playing any games or making a transaction for increased security.

Suspicious Activity

Major and regulated casinos use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze all player behavior and seek suspicious tendencies. Fixed betting sums on particular poker hands or making maximum bets on slot machines at specified times are examples of patterns.

Casinos are concerned about gambling bots or cheating software because they can regularly find an exploit to win specific games. An online casino’s AI can prevent cheaters from taking advantage of their games by freezing accounts that display any suspicious trends.

Violating Terms of Service

You accept the terms and conditions of any casino when you register an account. If you break any of their regulations, your account may be banned. If you don’t read the tiny print, you can break the rules.

One of the most prevalent restrictions many players breach is claiming the welcome bonus with several accounts under one household. Another is to present the operator with forged documents or identification evidence while validating a casino account, which is a severe violation of regulatory offices’ KYC and AML standards.

Too-Big Winnings

Online and brick-and-mortar casinos must balance their profit and winnings to meet their monthly income. So, when a player has a run of excellent luck in a short period, operators and managers will be notified right away to avoid upsetting the equilibrium.

It’s worth noting that winning a progressive jackpot or correctly guessing all ten keno numbers will not result in a casino banning you. Instead, the operators will treat you like a celebrity if you win. Only individuals who routinely win medium or high-risk wagers, such as card counters in live blackjack, are sought after by online casinos. These players have a good chance of employing an exploit to acquire a lucky streak.


Casinos restrict accounts to protect themselves and their customers, which includes you. Therefore, reading the terms and conditions is beneficial to prevent having your account suspended. If this occurs, be calm and contact the official casino’s helpline.


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