Resident Evil Village – Recipe: Shotgun Ammo (Crafting – Artisan) Guide

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The Resident Evil Village (R.E.V.) series is a series of crafting books for the Resident Evil games, published by Gamers15. In the R.E.V. series, you can find a lot of helpful information to help you out in your understanding of the games, the items you can craft, the recipes you can create, and once you have gotten your hands on all the information, you can then make your own custom weapons and items and sell them to other players.

With the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7, we’ve decided to revisit our guide on how to make shotgun ammunition for the series. We’re going to cover the basics of crafting ammunition, as well as a guide on the materials required to make it, the steps for making it and the methods for storing and transporting it. We’ve also included a recipe for shotgun pellets, which is the only shotgun weapon you can craft in Resident Evil 7!

Welcome to Resident Evil Village! The Resident Evil games introduced a fun new concept in the horror genre: a village. In Resident Evil, you’re required to explore the village to find items and solve puzzles in each and every level.

In Resident Evil Village, there are a total of 11 distinct crafting recipes to find and gather.

They are often used for things like knowledge storage and manufacturing specific ammo for certain weapon kinds, among other things. You’ll get the trophy if you get all 11 of them. Artisan

Many of the crafting recipes may be bought from the Merchant through the ‘Supplies’ option or discovered in the wild.

Recipe: Shotgun Ammo will be the subject of this page.

  • DESCRIPTION: Use the CRAFTING menu to learn how to manufacture shotgun ammunition.
  • INFO: When the narrative goal switches to finding Rose in the Castle, you may buy this recipe for 3000 Lei from the Merchant. This may also be purchased later in the game.





Hunting down resources to craft ammo for your new shotgun can be a bit on the money time, especially if you’re new to crafting and don’t know what to look for.. Read more about resident evil village ammo recipes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make shotgun ammo in Resident Evil village?

Shotgun ammo is made by combining a shotgun shell with a bullet.

How do you get ammo in Resident Evil village?

You need to find a weapon that has ammo.

How do you craft in Resident Evil village?

You can craft items in the village by combining items you find.

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