Resident Evil Village – Reservoir Puzzle (Puzzle Solution) Guide. Written by:  G15Tools. Resident Evil Village – Reservoir Puzzle. Located in the fictional town of Raccoon City, the Resident Evil series is a popular and incredibly successful video game series. Each game progresses the story of the Umbrella Corporation, which is a fictional company that controls bio-weapons. The games are turned into movies and become popular worldwide. One of the most popular video games in the series was Resident Evil (GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox). Resident Evil 2 was also a very successful game in the series.

A while back I was checking out the Resident Evil: Afterlife video game and I couldn’t help but get frustrated with the puzzle that the game threw at you. You are carrying a man and need to put him down and then find a working elevator to escape. However, you can’t go through the door because you have to find a key. Since you need to find a key you need to go through the door, but wait there’s a ladder. Well you can’t climb the ladder because you are carrying a man, so what do you do?

In Resident Evil: REVELATIONS, the player is the hero of the story. You are tasked with saving your fellow villagers from the outbreak at the village. In this guide, you will find the answers to the puzzles in the village: how to solve the puzzles and how to beat the puzzle.

The Reservoir Puzzle is one of the numerous puzzles that you will need to complete in order to continue your adventures in Resident Evil Village.

The Reservoir Puzzle is a game that takes place in the Moreau Village Reservoir region and includes playing with wooden bridges.

Here’s a short tutorial on how to fix it!

STORY OBJECTIVE: Turn on the sluice gate’s power.

  • As you reach the wooden walkway, be sure to use the adjacent lever to elevate the walkway and make it feasible to walk on it.
  • The second lever will be reached when you near the halfway point on this wooden pathway. Make certain you turn it over.
  • After turning the final lever, another walkway will rise, revealing a third lever, which must be flipped one more.
  • You’ll now be inside a tiny chamber with yet another lever; you should know what to do at this point.
  • Carry on with the following several levers in the same manner (yellow and then blue)
  • The wooden bridge will rise from the water once the blue lever is activated.
  • Ignore all of the levers and sprint the whole length of the bridge walkway.
  • Instead, you should reach a lever switch on the walkway right before the bridge and activate it.
  • The yellow switch in the center of the bridge walkway is the next one to activate; this will now activate another adjacent wooden bridge.
  • Return over the wooden planks, and instead of going left, go right when you reach the switch immediately before the yellow one you just triggered.

You should now be able to cross this path and continue playing…





Each of the Resident Evil games has its own unique puzzles, which are often difficult to understand. Therefore, this guide will provide you with a detailed explanation of the puzzles in the Resident Evil Village. You will be able to finish all of the puzzles with ease, and there won’t be any gaps in the story.. Read more about re8 water puzzle and let us know what you think.

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