Hello! My name is LPV, and I am an avid RiME player. I have been playing RiME on and off since it launched on PS4 in June 2017, and I have collected many of the collectibles. This guide will show you the locations of all collectibles (Toys / Emblems / Keyholes) in RiME, as well as all their locations on our Bargaining Trophy.

RiME – All Collectibles (Toys / Emblems / Keyholes) Locations (Bargaining) Trophy Achievement Guide. The first big video game from Tequila Works and the mind behind 2016’s hit game, Ori and the Blind Forest , RiME is an action-adventure game set in a beautifully realized world. The game takes place across the clouds, through caves, and to the depths of an underwater ship—and you will fight enemies, solve puzzles, and discover secrets.

The RiME collectibles guide will show you every location of every RiME collectible in RiME, which may seem complicated if you are not familiar with the collectibles in RiME.

Within RiME, you may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, including It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’s a Process, It’ Toyful Child and the Truth

It’s a game in which players must gather all of the emblems. In The Truth, players must look through the keyholes, whereas in Toyful Child, they must gather all of the toys.

This page will provide instructions on how to gather all of the items found in the Bargaining Stage/Chapter.



1) Emblem Piece 1/5 (0:00–1:37) Keyhole (from 1:37 to 2:46) 1/3 3) 2:46 – 4:17 : Emblem Piece 2/5 4) 4:17 – 5:16 : Lullaby Shell 1/2 5) 2:46 – 4:17 : Lullaby Shell 1/2 6) 2:46 – 4:17 : Lullaby Shell 1/2 7) 2:46 – 4:17 : Lu Keyhole 2/3 6) (5:16–6:09) Keyhole 3/3 7) (6:09–7:28) 8) 8:16 – 8:49 : Emblem Piece 3/5 9) 7:28 – 8:16 : Toy (Sentinel) 1/1 Emblem Piece 4/5 10) (8:49–9:25) Emblem Piece 5/5 11) 9:25 – 11:07 12) 12:33 – : Lullaby Shell 2/2 11:07 – 12:33 : Costume 1/1 12) 12:33 – : Lullaby Shell 2/2

There are a total of 12 collectibles.

1/1 – Toys, 1/1 – Costumes, 3/3 – Keyholes, 2/2 – Lullaby Shells, 5/5 – Emblem Pieces





RiME has become a gaming phenomenon since its release two weeks ago. As well known as the game is, there are still plenty of collectibles, emblems, and keyholes to discover. It seems that some of these collectibles require some more heart-pumping challenges.. Read more about rime chapter 2 and let us know what you think.

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