The Khan AIMO is the first headset to integrate high-end audio and haptic feedback, providing a truly immersive gaming experience.

ROCCAT launched the Khan AIMO 7.1 gaming headset on February 6th, a high-end device with RGB lights, a comfy design, and a built-in sound card. The premium headgear is intended to be a big step up from the highly praised analogue Khan Pro with the AIMO lighting series. It’s been a long time since ROCCAT released a digital surround-sound gaming headset.


Although the Kave XTD 5.1, which was launched in 2014, featured several speakers, two on each ear and a total of four, multi-channel headsets seldom include multiple speakers. The Khan AIMO, on the other hand, receives multichannel analogue input that is downmixed internally and then re-processed using an internal sound card.

The Khan AIMO comes with an inbuilt sound card that can provide quality sound up to 24-bit at 96kHz. It provides excellent simulated 7.1 surround sound when coupled with high-end speaker units, giving you the advantage to win games. Users may turn off the simulated surround sound if they want, since the Khan AIMO also works well as a stereo headset. Tough components like stainless-steel sliders guarantee durability and a long lifetime, yet at just 275 grams, it’s still very light. It is wonderfully comfortable for long gaming sessions with your friends, featuring memory foam earcups and plush headband cushioning.

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Swarm and Khan AIMO are fully compatible. The ROCCAT driver technology enables the user to create their own AIMO RGB lighting effects that are both beautiful and functional. It has it all: excellent audio quality with virtual surround, as well as excellent comfort for long hours of gaming.

The headset will be available shortly at a competitive price of $119.99 in all major retail and online channels.


Frequency response measured: 10 – 40000Hz

32 ohms impedance

At 1kHz, the maximum SPL is 99dB.


Frequency response measured: 100 – 10000Hz

THD percentage at 1kHz: 2%

-40dB sensitivity at 1kHz

60dB signal-to-noise ratio

2.2k Impedance



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