The rogue company Lancer is an updated version of the Lancer Tactical. It has many of the same traits found on the Lancer Tactical, but the Lancer Tactical was meant as a light anti-vehicle weapon and the company has made a few changes.

The Lancer is a reasonably balanced suit with a decent amount of options. Its main problem is Delta, which causes its suit to lose a lot of its offensive potential. This is why most people run Lancer with Delta on Level 1.

In the past, the most popular Lancers have been the Lancer 6 (LR-6) and the Lancer 7 (LR-7). I am going to show you how to make a guide for Lancer 7. You can find Lancer 7 in the G&G Item Shop. This guide will show you how to make the Lancers weapon parts and accessories. This guide is currently up to date.

Lancer is Rogue Company’s fastest character, enabling her to participate in fast-paced battle. Her ability gives her a brief boost in speed, and her passive reloads her pistol automatically upon a dodge roll.

When you remain low and move quickly, she may be a dangerous rogue with this. Here’s a complete guide to this Rogue’s weapons, skills, and perks so you can get the most out of her.

The Loadout of Lancer


The 24S is an SMG-type weapon used by Lancer as one of his main weapons. The damage to the body is 15, the range is 10.5, the magazine holds 24 bullets, the firing rate is 11.36, the handling is 24, and the reload time is 1.35 seconds.

The 24S costs $5000 to update. The first enhancement improves hip-fire accuracy. The second improvement raises the damage range to 13.5 from 10.5 before. The magazine size is increased from 24 to 34 rounds in the third and final update.

Striker 810: The Striker 810 is an automatic shotgun that may be very useful in close combat situations. The striker’s body damage is 7.5, the range is 6, the magazine size is 8 rounds, the firing rate is 3.57, the handling is 23, and the reload time is 2.47 seconds, according to the data.

The update will set you back $5000. The first upgrade boosts the damage range from 6 to 8, the second boosts hip-fire accuracy, and the third boosts the magazine capacity from 8 to 12 shots.


Spitfire: The Spitfire is a cutting-edge automatic pistol that is also one of the game’s most flexible secondary weapons. It has a body damage rating of 16, a range rating of 9, a magazine capacity of 15 rounds, a firing rate of 10, a handling rating of 29, and a reload time of 1.6 seconds.

Spitfire upgrades cost $2000 each. The first update raises the magazine size from 15 to 20 pages, while the second lowers reticle bloom from 29 to 35 pages to enhance handling.

Weapon of Melee

Lancer’s Throwing Axe: Lancer’s Throwing Axe is a terrifying weapon. The axe has a body damage of 40, a throwing damage of 100, and a swing rate of 2.22. The weapon may be upgraded for $2000 each time. The first upgrade improves throw speed, while the second boosts throw damage from 100 to 150.


The Smoke Grenade emits a thick cloud of smoke that obscures vision. Each improvement will set you back $4,000. The initial upgrade extends the duration of the smoke and decreases opponent speed while in it. The second upgrade increases the number of grenades by one.

Semtex Grenade: Before exploding, the Semtex Grenade clings to objects and persons. The grenade upgrades cost $4000 each. The first upgrade boosts throw speed and sticking damage to 250, while the second boosts the explosion radius.

Lancer’s Characteristics

Rogue Company Lancer Quick and Quiet ability

Quick and Quiet (Active): Lancer gets enhanced movement speed, quieter movement, and immunity to reveal for the duration or until shooting a weapon with Quick and Quiet. She has the ability to move swiftly and beat a distracted opponent while making little noise. However, when she shoots her pistol, the ability is deactivated, which is a huge disadvantage.

Lancer’s Passive ability is Elusive (Passive). Elusive enables her to initiate dodge roll reloads for the weapon she is presently wielding. It’s one of the greatest passive abilities, giving you a huge edge over your opponents in one-on-one battles.

The Benefits of Being a Lancer

  • When not running, Padded Steps muffles the sound of footsteps.
  • Shredder Rounds increase weapon damage while also allowing Lancer to carry more ammo.
  • The aim down sights movement speed penalty is removed with Stalker.
  • Lancer may use Helping Hand to revive allies more quickly.
  • Tracker Rounds will show opponents on the map who have been shot with a firearm to her team.
  • When Lancer kills an opponent, Life Drain will heal him for a significant period of time.


One suggestion for Lancer is to squat to take advantage of her stature. Crouch and move left to right in a one-on-one situation. Because she is so tiny, you will be difficult to strike.

Unless you’re firing medium range, you don’t always need to aim down sights once you acquire your first SMG upgrade, which improves hip-fire accuracy. It will be quite precise and quicker to start shooting straight away if you are crouched and standing motionless.

Another point to remember while playing Lancer is to avoid playing the goal directly. Lancer isn’t designed to go on the objective head-on or to sit on it and protect it for extended periods of time. This isn’t to say she can’t do it; it’s just not her strong suit.

Lancer is the greatest at flanking the opposing team in order to get behind them, and he is the best character in the game at it. You want to travel around the area and pop up behind the opponents to surprise them if you’re playing demolition and pushing the objective when the opposing team is locked down on it. She has the ability to win rounds like this by herself if used correctly.

Welcome to the first in a series of guides on playing the Lancer from Rogue Company. A little history, Lancers are a class of soldiers that are heavily built and armed with a variety of heavy weapons and explosives. They are a common sight in the battlefield and can often be seen moving forward in a formation.. Read more about rogue company lancer skin code and let us know what you think.

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Lancer is a good character for Rogue Company.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What does Lancer do in rogue?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Lancer is a melee weapon that deals bonus damage to enemies with low health.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you play rogue Lancer?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Rogue Lancer is a class in the game, Overwatch.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lancer good in Rogue Company?

Lancer is a good character for Rogue Company.

What does Lancer do in rogue?

Lancer is a melee weapon that deals bonus damage to enemies with low health.

How do you play rogue Lancer?

Rogue Lancer is a class in the game, Overwatch.

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