The RTX 2080 and the RTX 3080 are two powerful graphics cards from Nvidia. They have a significant difference in performance, but what is the best for you?

The rtx 3080 vs 2080 ti is a significant change in the RTX series. It has been released with a new Turing GPU architecture and a number of improvements over the previous generation.

You may have wondered, with the release of the RTX 3080, what enhancements you’d receive if you upgraded from the RTX 2080/S to the 3080. In general, individuals don’t want to upgrade from one generation to the next in the same tier since the improvements aren’t worth the money.


The RTX 3080, on the other hand, is a game-changer that has rendered the RTX 2000 series obsolete. I’m assuming you already know how fast the RTX 3000 series GPUs are, but if you want to see what improvements the RTX 3080 made over the RTX 2080/S, scroll down to see the most significant adjustments Nvidia made.

Improvements to the architecture


The new Ampere architecture, which makes the RTX 3080 blazingly fast and well ahead of the RTX 2080/S, is without a doubt the greatest game-changer for next-gen graphics cards. While the Turing architecture of the RTX 2080/S is unquestionably superior than previous architectures used in graphics cards, it did not perform as anticipated.

With the RTX 2000 series GPUs, Nvidia conducted some kind of beta testing. The Turing architecture allowed the RTX 2080/S to do Ray Tracing and AI operations such as DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), which is a new trend in gaming.


While the RTX 2080 GPU was released in 2018, there are still not enough games that support Ray Tracing. However, we do have some popular games that use this technique for real-time dynamic shadows and lightings, such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, CyberPunk 2077, Doom Eternal, and others.

Most gamers prefer to play with “RTX-ON,” however the RTX 2000 series GPUs, which include a high-end card like the RTX 2080/S, are unable to offer enough performance even at 1080p resolution, despite the fact that you can play virtually any game at 1440p or 4K with 60 fps with RTX-OFF.

With its 2nd generation RT cores and 3rd generation Tensor cores, Ampere architecture now excels at this task. The Ampere architecture, unlike Turing, is built on 12nm technology and contains two new precisions, the TF32 and FP64, for the acceleration of AI operations, which can now speed up processes by up to 20 times, resulting in quicker and better performance in games utilizing DLSS.


If you don’t know, DLSS is an Nvidia RTX technique that utilizes AI to retain detail and enhance picture quality while substantially boosting frame rates.

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Improved Memory

We’ve previously seen how Nvidia improved performance by over 10%-20% by using faster RAM in the GTX 1600 series’ current graphics cards. GDDR5 memory is used in the GTX 1650 and GTX 1660, while GDDR6 is used in the GTX 1650 Super and GTX 1660 Super. GDDR6 is quicker and has more bandwidth than GDDR5, thus the GTX 1650 and 1660 Super GPUs are faster without having to pay extra.

The leap from GDDR6 to GDDR6X is much more significant. While GDDR6 memory operates at 12-14 Gbps, GDDR6X operates at 19.5 Gbps. As a result, the RTX 3080 represents a considerable advance. The memory has also been boosted by 2GB, giving the RTX 3080 a total of 10GB VRAM vs the RTX 2080’s 8GB.

The memory interface has also been upgraded from 256 to 320 bits, however the memory bandwidth is presently unavailable on Nvidia’s RTX 3080 website at the time of writing. According to several reports, it has a bandwidth of 760GB/s, which is almost 1.7X that of the RTX 2080.

Comparison of Specifications

SPECS RTX 2080 RTX 3080
Cores of Cuda 2944 8704
Memory Capacity 14Gbps 19.5Gbps
Memory Access Interface 256-bit 320-bit
Bandwidth 448GB/s 760GB/s
Speed of the Clock 1515/1710MHz 1440/1710MHz
RT Cores 46 68
TDP 215W 320W

The Cuda Cores are the feature that Nvidia improved the most with the RTX 3080. The difference between 2944 Cuda Cores on the RTX 2080 and 8704 on the RTX 3080 is staggering, and it even outperforms the RTX 2080 Ti. The core clocks are comparable, however the power consumption is somewhat greater at 320W vs 215W for the RTX 2080. With such a large rise in specifications numbers, this is to be anticipated.


In contrast to the RTX 2070 versus RTX 3070, where things were relatively comparable, the Founders editions of both GPUs are totally different in design. The RTX 2080 has a rather thick heatsink with two fans right on top, while the RTX 3080 has fans on opposing sides.

RTX 3080 design

The fans are more of a push-type than an intake, dissipating heat in a specific direction from both sides. We don’t have any actual temperature testing for the Founders Edition yet, but if you’re going to purchase a custom AIB RTX 3080, you may anticipate some excellent cooling ideas.

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Performance is the source for this information.

In games like Control, Minecraft, and Borderlands 3, the Nvidia RTX 3080 is almost twice as fast as the RTX 2080 with RTX ON, according to Nvidia. While these are “Their” figures, they did display a gaming comparison between the RTX 3080 and the RTX 2080 Ti, which is obviously quicker than the RTX 2080. In most cases, the RTX 3080 is almost 40 to 50 percent quicker than the 2080 Ti. Doom Eternal was the game they utilized, with settings maxed up at 4K resolution.



Conclusion and Pricing

The RTX 2080’s original launch price was $699, and the RTX 3080’s debut price is likewise $699. For this price, none of the RTX 20 series graphics cards make sense, particularly the RTX 2080 Ti, which is also beaten by the RTX 3070 for nearly $700 less.

The price of the RTX 2080 Super, which is faster than the RTX 2080, has fallen below $600 as a result of the RTX 3080’s debut, and may continue to decrease owing to the faster $500 RTX 2070.

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The 3080 vs 2080 super 1440p is a significant change that has happened in the gaming world. Nvidia has released its newest graphics card, the RTX 3080 which is a more powerful card than the RTX 2080/S.

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RTX 3080 is the next generation of Nvidias RTX series of GPUs. It has higher clock speeds, more cores, and better memory than its predecessor, the 2080 super.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is it worth upgrading from RTX 2080 to RTX 3080?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The RTX 3080 is a significantly more powerful card than the RTX 2080, but it is not worth upgrading from the 2080 to the 3080.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Whats the difference between 3080 and 2080?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The difference between 3080 and 2080 is that the 3080 has a higher resolution.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is RTX 3080 better than 2080 super?

RTX 3080 is the next generation of Nvidias RTX series of GPUs. It has higher clock speeds, more cores, and better memory than its predecessor, the 2080 super.

Is it worth upgrading from RTX 2080 to RTX 3080?

The RTX 3080 is a significantly more powerful card than the RTX 2080, but it is not worth upgrading from the 2080 to the 3080.

Whats the difference between 3080 and 2080?

The difference between 3080 and 2080 is that the 3080 has a higher resolution.

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