The RX 5600 XT is a powerful gaming graphics card that comes with a lower price tag than the GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti. This means it offers more value for your money, but does it have enough power to keep up with the competition?

The rx 5600 xt vs rtx 2060 is a comparison of three gaming GPUs. The RX 5600 XT, GTX 1660 Super, and the GTX 1660 Ti are all compared in this article.


If you’re a gamer, graphics cards are essential. The majority of PC gamers are aware of how much a powerful GPU enhances a game’s performance. GPUs, on the other hand, aren’t only for gaming anymore. It’s also used for a variety of other things, including animation, Photoshop, video editing, and research.


The GPU range may be divided into three groups, the most significant of which is the mid-range, which has a large number of models. Although the performance of both cards is fairly comparable, there are a few variations. For 1080p gaming, the mid-range GPU category is the best choice.

If you have a strong GPU, you will be able to accomplish the majority of your goals. So, if you’re looking to replace your outdated GPU, you have a lot of choices. However, if you’re on a limited budget and want a well-balanced GPU, mid-range graphics cards are an excellent place to start.

On this subject, we’ll look at three distinct mid-range graphics cards and attempt to figure out what their strengths are, as well as which of these three cards, the AMD RTX 5600XT, Nvidia Super GTX 1660, and Nvidia GTX 1660Ti, is the best choice.


We’ve included some important points from each of the three cards below to assist us grasp them better before delving further into the specifics.

Cards for Graphics RX 5600 XT (Radeon RX 5600 XT) GTX 1660 Super Ti GTX 1660
SPEED OF THE CLOCK 1375/1560Mhz 1530/1785MHz 1500/1770MHz
Memory Capacity 12Gbps 12Gbps 14Gbps
TDP 150W 125W 120W

Super Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660

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After the GTX 1660 and GTX 1660Ti, Nvidia launched the GTX Super 1660 a few months later. The GTX 1660 Super is positioned between the GTX 1660 and the GTX 1660 Ti, having more CUDA cores than the GTX 1660 but less than the GTX 1660Ti.

The GTX 1660 Super is around 10% faster than the GTX 1660, but only 5% quicker than the GTX 1660Ti. The GTX 1660Ti, on the other hand, is more expensive than the GTX 1660 Super. As a result, the GTX 1660 Super offers excellent value for money.

The GTX 1660 Super has 1408 Cuda Cores, 6GB of GDDR6 memory with 14Gbps memory speed, and a boost frequency of up to 1785MHz on the standard model. Please see this discussion to find out which cards are the greatest.


Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660Ti is a graphics card from Nvidia.

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The GTX 1660Ti was launched by Nvidia in February of this year. The GTX 1660 Ti is an excellent improvement over the previous-generation 1060 series, and it has the newest Turing architecture sans ray tracing. They are offered for $280 as a starting price.

Various versions of the GTX 1660Ti are presently on the market, each with its own set of cooling features and aesthetics. It is unquestionably an excellent option for people who want to play 1080p games at extreme settings.

The Nvidia GTX 1660Ti is unquestionably the fastest card in the 1660 series, making it an excellent option for anyone seeking a decent mid-range graphics card. In 1080p resolution with extreme settings, it can play most AAA games on the market. Refer to this section to learn about the finest GTX 1660Ti cards.

AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card

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XFX RX 5600 XT Thicc II PRO

The AMD RX 5600 XT, which was released in January 2020, is without a doubt the finest mid-range card presently on the market. It’s the ideal bridge between the RX 5500 series, which focuses on 1080p 60FPS gaming, and the RX 5700 series, which focuses on 1440p gaming. The RX 5600 XT is designed to compete with the Nvidia 1660 series graphics cards currently available on the market.

The RX 5600 XT’s specifications include 36 compute units, 2,304 stream processors (SPs), and 6 GB of GDDR6 memory. It has a game frequency of 1375 MHz and a boost frequency of 1560 MHz.

The RX 5600 XT is both faster and more power-efficient than the RX 590 GPUs from the previous generation. During the launch event, AMD displayed some performance charts comparing the RX 5600 XT to Nvidia’s GTX 1060 and the currently popular mid-range 1660 GPU series, claiming that the RX 5600 XT can deliver a 50% performance boost over the GTX 1060, a 10-15% performance boost over the GTX 1660Ti, and a roughly 20% performance boost over the GTX 1660 Super.

The RX 5600 XT comes with all of the required AMD Software and has a starting price of $280, which puts it ahead of its competitors. In the video below, you can see the differences between the RX 5600 XT and the GTX 1660 Ti.



Until AMD launched the RX 5600 XT, Nvidia GTX 1660 series cards were the best choice for 1080p gaming. The RX 5600 XT is presently the best card for 1080p gaming, and since price is a big issue, AMD may have a small edge. However, it is well knowledge that AMD’s drivers are always unstable, which may annoy certain users.

So, when all factors are taken into account, the RX 5600 XT is the greatest value for money choice at this moment, beating both the GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti.


The 1660 ti vs 1660 super is a comparison of the RX 5600 XT, GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the RX 5600 XT better than GTX 1660 Ti?

The RX 5600 XT is a better graphics card than the GTX 1660 Ti.

What is the RX 5600 XT compared to?

The RX 5600 XT is a gaming PC that has an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive.

Is the 1660 TI better than the super?

The 1660 TI is better than the super because it has a higher clock speed and more memory.

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