This is an introduction to the game Sea of Thieves. This guide will provide you with information regarding the game and how to play it. We will explain in depth the different aspects of the game and will explain how to play them. This guide will also help you navigate the world of Sea of Thieves and help you find your way through the Sea of Thieves.

Welcome to the Sea of Thieves Burning Blade guide |. This is a guide to help you with the basics of this game including the best way to level up, what quests are best and how to get better weapons.

Sea of Thieves Burning Blade guide | : I’m Steve, and I’m here to guide you through a crash course on how to become the legendary pirate that you dreamed of being when you picked up that controller in high school.

If you’ve already finished the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, the Sea of Thieves Burning Blade update isn’t likely to be your first meeting with Captain Flameheart. However, with Flameheart’s return to the oceans, his evil has spread throughout the waters, and we’ve already seen that he has no qualms about turning on his own slaves, as we saw with Stitcher Jim’s destiny, so what chance do we have!? Flamheart’s intentions for Stitcher Jim are still a mystery, but in the meanwhile, the flaming cap has other things on his mind that are happening right now.

The Burning Blade event in Sea of Thieves is causing waves of ghost ships from the sea of the damned to appear all over the place, including the Captain’s notorious ship, The Burning Blade.

You’ll need patience, expertise, and a LOT of wooden planks to take on this dangerous fleet of ships and win the global event. Don’t you think we should give the fiery adversary what he wants? He’s appearing in the skies seeking for an epic fight, so don’t you think we should give him what he wants!?

What are the Burning Blade Ghost Ships in Sea of Thieves?

Rare has added a successor to the Skelly Ships as part of the Haunted Shores update, but instead of cursed cannonballs, they shoot (you guessed it) ghosts! Ghost ships have a blue see-through exterior and exist in a variety of sizes, similar to how we have Sloops and Galleons for regular pirates. There is no crew operating the guns, and you can’t go aboard since it’s basically a translucent ship. There wouldn’t be anybody to murder after you boarded!

If you sail towards a ghost ship, you will pass right through it, and although this may seem to be a good thing, you will suffer a lot of damage as a result!

Aside from cannon ghosts, ghost ships will also discharge fire ghosts, which can burn you and your ship on fire if one lands on you.

In addition, ghost ships will dump mines in the sea, which have similar effects as striking a gunpowder barrel.

What happened to the Burning Blade Ghost Ships from Sea of Thieves?

You won’t have any difficulty locating Flameheart’s eerie fleet if you’re ready. Look to the sky, and if you see Flamheart’s flaming visage, you’ll want to approach him, but you’ll almost certainly see a fleet of phantom ships approaching you. You may now have a Sea of Thieves Burning Blade themed order of souls trip that will guide you to your goal instead of simply showing there.

Putting the head of Flameheart on

When the flaming visage appears in the sky, it signifies the Sea of Thieves Burning Blade global event is up for grabs, and his fleet will be waiting for you.

Flameheart spawns on an island at random, unlike a skull cloud, which only appears above forts. Flameheart can spawn on top of any island he wants. As you approach him, you should hear the music that begins the ceremony, followed by the captain’s insightful remarks.


Instead, use an Order of Souls Voyage

New trips are now available to purchase via the Order of Souls, allowing you to avoid waiting for Flameheart to emerge up high and instead take on a ghost fleet and collect a large reward.

Getting ready for the Burning Blade event in Sea of Thieves

Just when you thought the previous SOT events were difficult, this one ups the ante.

You’ll have to fight up to 11 ghost ships at once, which is more than twice the number of ghost ships seen in the last Skelly Ships event. To give you the greatest chance of defeating the Sea of Thieves Burning Blade global event, learn what you’ll be up against before rushing into an ambush.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you’ll go through a lot of planks and cannonballs, so store up on these before setting sail. It’s also a good idea to stock up on food and make sure your water barrel is full!

How to defeat the Burning Blade Ghost Ships in Sea of Thieves

Your cannon is the only weapon that can affect phantom ships.

To inflict damage on ghost ships, you may use any item kept in your cannonball barrels, including firebombs, cursed cannonballs, blunderbombs, and more. These balls must be fired from a cannon to have any impact; tossing a firebomb or trying to use your sniper rifle will not suffice.

On ghost fleets, ramming into a ship is useless; instead, fire those cannons and destroy those ships!

It would work if you could shoot a gunpowder keg from a cannon, but since you can’t, you’ll have to rely on conventional firepower!

Burning Blade in the Sea of Thieves denotes new Cannonballs.

If ghost fleets can send forth the dead to attack your ship, why couldn’t it be done the other way around? Yes, it certainly can!


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What other kinds of Ghost Ships are there?

Grunts from the Ghostship

Along with different weapon shots to avoid, you’ll also encounter a variety of ghost ships, the first of which are grunt ghost ships. Grunts have no patterned sails and are fairly basic in appearance, but they carry the markings of ships that have been to the ferry and the damned and back.

To knock out grunts, you’ll need three cannonball strikes in total.


Leaders of the ghostships

The leaders of the phantom fleets are up next. These ships will be accompanied by Ashen Dragon or Sea of the Damned sails. If you want to go through the fleet quicker, concentrate your fire on these ships as much as possible, since taking them down eliminates their backup ships/grunts.

To defeat these ships, you’ll need to fire 10 cannon rounds at them, and the treasure of the damned will drop as a result.

The damned’s crates

When ghost ship captains drop treasure, a crate of the damned, which contains wooden planks and cannonballs, will prove very useful.

When you give over Storage Crates of the Damned to the Merchant Alliance, you’ll receive a fair price even if they’re empty. In other words, while you’re selling those blasted skulls, you may as well make some additional loot from those empty storage boxes and raise your Merchant Alliance rep.


Leaving on a high note

As you take down phantom ships one by one, they’ll induce recoil in adjacent ships in their fleet, which, although it won’t count as damage, may be just what you need to escape a cannon fire (or three).

Is that ship teleporting?

No, not at all. The ghost fleets you meet may travel across the Sea of the Damned using portals as they choose. This might make the difference between a hit on a ghost ship and a miss because they’ve vanished out of range.

Water with Damned Loot

If you’re having trouble figuring out where a leader ship has dropped any treasure, ghost beacons may help you out. Ghosts will hover above treasure of the damned, similar to birds lingering over sunken ships, to assist you in finding loot and resources.

Phew, these beacon ghosts don’t cause any harm to your spacecraft!


How to defeat the Burning Blade Ghost Ships global event in Sea of Thieves

After you’ve triggered the global event, you’ll need to destroy four waves of ghost fleets in order to finish the event.

Wave One

This is the simplest of the four waves; all you have to do is knock out seven out of 10 grunt ships by destroying them with three cannonballs apiece.

As you defeat one ghost ship grunt, another will revive, ensuring that there is no gap between them.

After defeating seven ghost ships, Flameheart will send you some strange messages before calling his next fleet of ships.

Success suggestions for Wave One

Flameheart emerges over an island, hovering among the ghost ships. You may circle the island and attack the ships as they come into view if you’re aboard a Brig (our favorite ship). To escape a barrage of incoming damage, go for ships that are alone rather than attacking them in groups. Taking them down alone will allow you to make any necessary repairs and keep you afloat rather than drowning.

Wave Two

You’ll have to fight two ghost ship formations in the following round, but this time they’ll be led by a Formation Leader.

You may opt to destroy any ship you come across, but destroying the Formation leaders will also destroy the support ships.

Unlike grunts, who only absorb three hits, you’ll need to pound formation leaders with ten cannonballs apiece.

Once you’ve taken out the two formation Leaders, wave two will be over, and you’ll be ready to face single ghost ships once again.

Success suggestions for Wave 2

Because the Formation leader takes out the support ships when they are defeated, defeating them first will help you and your ship survive. Despite the fact that they are tightly guarded by grunts!

The third wave

This wave is identical to the first in that you must destroy 10 more Grunt phantom ships. The last wave will be triggered if you defeat seven out of 10 enemies.

Wave Three suggestions for achieving success

You can very much stick to our wave one advice, which is to concentrate on single ships as you round the island.

The Last Wave

Flameheart will get enraged at this moment and will hurl all he has at you. The Sea of Thieves Burning Blade will emerge in ghostly form, commanding a fleet of five ships.

Two additional fleets, each with three ships, will join the Burning Blade for assistance. To put it another way, if you count properly, you’ll have to take on eleven phantom ships!

One of the supporting fleets is led by the Ashen Dragon, so you can bet Flameheart isn’t going down without a fight!

It will take down their support ships regardless of whatever formation Leader you defeat, similar to what we witnessed in wave two.

If you can defeat the Burning Blade of the Sea of Thieves, the fight will be over. If you take out the Burning Blade first (which is doubtful), the rest of the ships will flee in terror! The Burning Blade requires twenty cannonballs to destroy, while the rest of the formation Leaders only need ten.

Success suggestions for the Final Wave

The goal here is to go directly for the pack’s leader, the Burning Blade. To win the global event, you must eliminate the Burning Blade, therefore it’s preferable to target Flameheart’s weak point than than spending time on the other fleets.

The Damned’s Loot

As you take out formation Leaders and the Burning Blade, you’ll notice a mix of shiny treasure among the fallen storage boxes. The rewards include Cannonball Crates of the Damned, Skull of the Damned, Chest of the Damned, Ashes of the Damned, and Captain Skulls of the Damned.

Skulls are sold to the Order of Souls, boxes to Gold Hoarders, and crates and Ashes to the Merchant Alliance.


How can I get access to the Burning Blade Sails?

If you wish to get your hands on the Sea of Thieves Burning Blade sails you will need to earn the Bannister of The Spectral Flame commendation. To do this, you need to finish the Burning Blade event a minimum of ten times.

Sea of Thieves Burning Blade

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How can I get the Ghost Captain Sails to work?

This one requires obtaining the Hunter of the Damned captains commendation. To gain this commendation, sell fifty Captain skulls of the Damned to the order of souls.


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Welcome to the blog for the upcoming Sea of Thieves pirate-themed game from Microsoft Studios and Rare. The game, which is expected to launch on Xbox One and Windows 10 sometime in 2018, is an online multiplayer game that places players on a ship in the midst of a war for treasure and resources. You will sail around on your ship, haggle with other players, and fight them in real-time. You’ll be able to see your enemies, but they won’t be able to see you, so you’ll have to use stealth tactics to win.. Read more about sea of thieves flameheart event and let us know what you think.

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You must use a cannon to shoot the burning blade.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many shots does it take to kill a burning blade?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
It takes about 8 shots to kill a burning blade.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What do you get for beating the burning blade?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You get the burning blade.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat the burning blade in sea of thieves?

You must use a cannon to shoot the burning blade.

How many shots does it take to kill a burning blade?

It takes about 8 shots to kill a burning blade.

What do you get for beating the burning blade?

You get the burning blade.

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