The Devil’s Roar is the second set of commendations in Sea Of Thieves. These are used to purchase pirate gear, which can be used to unlock new skills, and gear for your ship. Devil’s Roar gear does not require a commendation to purchase, but you need a player level of 40 or higher to use them.

If you’ve been playing Sea Of Thieves since its release in early 2018, then you may have stumbled upon a new addition to the game not many people know about, the Devil’s Roar commendations. These are the in-game rewards for completing certain tasks in Forsaken Shores, and they’re always a good way to earn some extra in-game currency, especially if you’re not a fan of grinding.

This guide is designed to help you complete all of the Devil’s Roar commendations in Sea Of Thieves.

The latest Sea Of Thieves DLC update has officially arrived, and it’s likely to be one of the largest yet. With the upgrade weighing in at nearly 5GB, I suppose it should! The Forsaken Shores update included a slew of new islands, totaling 15 in total. After you’ve downloaded and installed the large update, joined a game, and set sail, you’ll notice several differences right away. To begin, you’ll see that additional islands have been added to Devil’s Roar, which appears on your map as a new area. Each of the islands in the area will feature a volcano, which can erupt lava and fireballs if you’re unfortunate enough to be close. Welcome to our Forsaken Shores guide for Sea Of Thieves.

Our guide will walk you through all of the new features included in the Forsaken Shores update, as well as how to accomplish the new commendations, which is most likely why you’ve here.

Optional business venture

If you’re one of those men or ladies that like getting things done completely, you’ll want to start right now. You may complete this lore or continue playing as you were in previous Sea Of Thieves DLC releases.

Step 1: Go to Liar’s Backbone first; you’ll find the new island in the Devil’s Roar area of your map. When you arrive, search for an unusual man on the beach who is peering through his spyglass – we’re still not sure what he’s looking at. Stitcher Jim is the pirate in question, and he knows all there is to know about the Devil’s Roar area. He’ll go on and on about how hazardous the islands east of the area are, but you’ll find out when you get there.


Next, you’ll want to board again to hunt for Captain Morrow, who can be found at the Morrow’s Peak Outpost, which is one of the newest additions to the Sea Of Thieves map. If you have difficulty locating her when you arrive, you may find her standing outside the island’s bar, looking quite radiant – albeit she seems to have already had a few. She’ll tell you more about the tale of the Forsaken Shores Alliance and what you should do next.


Finally, after conversing with the Captain, you’ll be ready to go on your first major quest: sailing to five separate islands in search of the Devil’s Roar alliance’s last five members. Keep in mind that you’re not searching for those who are still alive. Please be advised that the next part includes spoilers, so if you don’t want to know too much, go ahead to find out where the five crew members are buried.

Main Lore

Next up on our Sea Of Thieves Forsaken Shores guide: Before you start sailing through the Devil’s Roar area, take a look at where you are on your map to see where you are.

You must travel to each of the five islands in no particular sequence to locate one of the five shipmates; be sure to engage with each one to understand how their destiny ended.

Devil’s Thirst – Old Coop may be discovered by visiting this island; you’ll find the disadvantaged crew member on a hill in the north-east corner of the island.


Fetcher’s Rest – When you arrive, make a note of where you are on the map since you’ll need to go to the hill on the island’s western side. Fetcher Farley’s remains may be found here.


Ruby’s Fall — In the island’s center, you’ll discover Ruby Carter, who seems to have been carried onto the island by the sea.


Flintlock Peninsula – Flintlock Peninsula – Flintlock Peninsula – Flintlock Peninsula – Flintlock Peninsula Bert seems to have been rushed into this situation. On the north side of the island, near the beach area, you’ll discover him pushed up against a rock (what a way to go).


Finally, if you sail over to this island and go to the center point, you’ll find Hepzibah Jones lying under a wooden shelter, clearly attempting to rescue himself.

You’ll get a commendation for each island you visit, and another for engaging with each of the crew members who have died.

After you’ve accomplished the aforementioned, return to Liar’s Backbone and talk with Stitcher Jim for a fresh discussion to wrap out the tale. Finally, return to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Captain Morrow to find out what she has to say.


So, what’s next?

After you’ve finished the main narrative, you’re probably wondering whether that’s all there is to it. The remainder of the commendation will most likely appear as you play once you’ve completed the above. You’ll have achieved the Investigation Commendation by finishing the lore above, but there are two kinds left: Voyages and Discover.

Order Of Souls and Gold Hoarder journeys may be purchased at Morrow’s Peak Outpost to begin earning these voyage commendations. Ensure that these trips are bought inside the Devil’s Roar area, since voyages purchased outside will not qualify for the commendation.

Discover – these awards are a bit more simple in that you must cruise to each of the Devil’s Roar region’s 15 islands and then step foot on each of them. If you finished the choice lore, you’ll have already checked off five of them.

Ship must be abandoned!

It’s time for the fun part now that you’ve completed all of the above, or at the very least know how to accomplish the commendations. You’ve probably already felt the agony of volcanoes showering fireballs down on your ship, and you’ve probably even had them sink your ship. If this describes you, you’ll like the newly added rowboat. When it comes to getting out of a fiery scenario, larger ships and even sloops are sluggish to say the least; on the other hand, the rowboat has speed behind it. This will come in handy while exploring the Devil’s Roar area, as they occur at random both inside the new region and on regular islands.


Sea-posts, which are essentially tiny versions of stores apart from outposts, are among the new added features, and if you manage to locate a boat here, it’s usually a good idea to take it back to your ship and hide it in the rear for when you need it. It’s a good idea to have a rowboat on available, as well as lots of planks and bananas, if you’re planning on attempting any of the commendations.

What’s the deal with the Devil’s Roar?

This is something we wanted to add in our Forsaken Shores guide for Sea Of Thieves! Believe us when we say that you will be notified if a volcano erupts. If you’re on an island, you’ll see a lot of erupting geysers that will launch you into the air and injure you when you land. If you feel a rumbling, you may be fortunate and it’s just an earthquake, but if it’s not, she’s probably about to explode. The volcano will explode, spewing lava all over the place, boiling the water, causing fresh geysers to erupt, and firing fireballs at you and your ship – not exactly where you want to be!


The Forsaken Shores walkthrough in Sea of Thieves isn’t an endless event.

Following its debut on September 26th, the Forsaken Shores event will run for four weeks. The commendation will change after two weeks, so check back here for changes when they become available from Rare. Good luck, my hearty, in taking on the Devil’s Roar! That concludes our Forsaken Shores guide for Sea Of Thieves.

Please contact us if you have any further queries.

It’s been a couple months since the release of Sea of Thieves, and the launch of Factions, and many people have started to get a good grasp on the game. However, plenty of players have yet to join the fray. Don’t feel left out! We’ve put together a handy guide to help you get started in the world of Sea of Thieves!. Read more about sea of thieves uncover the fate of flintlock’ bert and let us know what you think.

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There are a few different ways to complete these commendations. One way is to complete all of the levels in the game, which will unlock the achievement Devils Voyager. Another way is to find and collect all of the hidden items in each level, which will unlock the achievement Devils Collector.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you survive devils roar?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best way to survive the devils roar is by using a shield.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you complete forsaken shores sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You need to find the three pieces of the map, which are scattered around the island.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you complete devils Voyager commendations?

There are a few different ways to complete these commendations. One way is to complete all of the levels in the game, which will unlock the achievement Devils Voyager. Another way is to find and collect all of the hidden items in each level, which will unlock the achievement Devils Collector.

How do you survive devils roar?

The best way to survive the devils roar is by using a shield.

How do you complete forsaken shores sea of thieves?

You need to find the three pieces of the map, which are scattered around the island.

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