I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves since it came out and wanted to start a blog for Shroudbreaker guides, strategies, etc. I used to play the game a lot more but I’ve been having a hard time finding a community for Shroudbreakers. Even though there are a lot of guides, there is still a lot of questions unanswered.

If you are a fan of Sea of Thieves you are probably wondering how to get the Shroudbreaker achievement. If you are a fan of Sea of Thieves and want to get the Shroudbreaker achievement you are in luck! This guide will show you how to reach the Shroudbreaker milestone.

Hello everyone, and welcome to Game15’s Shroudbreaker Guide! We are a group of Nintendo fans and gamers who are dedicated to learning everything we can about the new game, Sea of Thieves, and sharing what we’ve learned with the rest of the world. We’ll be focusing on building our reputation as one of the best Shroudbreakers on the island, learning all the game’s secrets and uncovering its mysteries. If you have any questions or need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask us in the comments below.

The Shroudbreaker is a character from the Shroud (Quest)

“Wonderful Ramsey’s Ghost! I’d heard all the tales, but holding the Shroudbreaker in my hands… I never imagined I’d see the day.”

The first Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold Arc is The Shroudbreaker. Any Outpost’s Tavern has a table adjacent to the Mysterious Stranger where the Tale Book may be voted for.

During this Tall Tale, you may unlock three checkpoints. They may vote on any gained Checkpoints at the Voyage Table if you choose to continue the Tall Tale later.

The first problem in the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale is very easy, despite the fact that there are many stages in the Shroudbreaker trip as part of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale.

The following are the steps in this quest:

  1. Obtain the journal
  2. Find out what happened to the Magpie’s Wing and hunt it down.
  3. Take the ship’s log from the captain’s office.
  4. Read about the Magpie’s Wing’s journey and where the antique chest was found.
  5. Return to the island with the old chest.
  6. From the chest, take the totem and the map.
  7. Determine which island is shown on the map.
  8. Sail to the island and look for a suitable location to erect the totem.
  9. Go inside the vault. Press the button after lighting the four braziers.
  10. Using the spinning blocks, enter the proper symbols in the logbook.
  11. Determine the location of the picture on the table on the island.
  12. To get the medallion, go to the location and dig it up or pick it up.
  13. Place the medallion on the table two more times to get the Shroudbreaker.
  14. Deliver the Shroudbreaker to the Mysterious Stranger at any Outpost.

The first order of business will be to study the diary and figure out where the Magpie’s Wing went down.

When you start your first mission in the questline, you’ll get a quest book, and the details will always take you to the Uncharted Island at N13.

“To the fore, the jagged spires of Crooked Masts, to the aft, Old Crook’s Hollow.” So go there and take the log by diving underwater on the north side.

You’ll discover more Tale Book pages and a Totem Key within the Ancient Chest after you’ve obtained it. The extra pages provide clues to the Vault of Totems’s location as well as enigmatic hieroglyphs that will aid you in solving the Vault’s Puzzle. After picking up the Totem Key, the second checkpoint of the Tall Tale is unlocked. A Totem Key will appear on the Table when the second Checkpoint is voted upon at the Voyage Table.

At this point in the Tall Tale, the player may get a total of 6 distinct Totem Keys and Totem Vaults. The Moon Totem, Scarab Totem, Snake Totem, Shark Totem, Crab Totem, and Boar Totem are all potential Key items. The Island of the Totem Vault matching the Totem Key is revealed on the first extra page of the Journal.

The next mystery in this quest will be revealed when you enter the old cave with your totem towards the finish. If you need assistance finding out where each one is, check out our Sea of Thieves Totem chart.

Totem Vault

Proceed into the Totem Vault after you’ve found and opened it, but be cautious as traps and riddles await you! A Pillar Puzzle and a Medallion Puzzle must be solved in every Totem Vault.

Both of these puzzles come with their own set of hazards. If you can overcome these obstacles, you’ll discover what you’re searching for within the Vault! It is suggested that you read ahead since the first problem is timed, and failure means that you must restart the quest from the beginning.

Shroudbreaker Red Temple

The Crew will be given the Vault of the Ancients Commendation and unlock the third and final Checkpoint after completing all of the Totem Vault’s Puzzles and recovering its Treasure.

The Puzzle of the Pillars

You’ll need to discover a method to trigger the Vault’s systems once you’re inside. Looking around the room should provide you with visual messaging suggestions as to what you may require.

If you properly activate the mechanisms, the four Pillars will light up, and water will begin to flood the area, forcing you to solve three rounds of puzzles involving the exact placement and sequence of the four Pillars in the chamber.

Examine the last page of your Tale Book. It should provide you with all of the information you need to complete this section of the puzzle. The problem consists of at least three rounds. By tapping the hand Button at the table, you must manually enter the solution.

If you don’t solve the problem in time, the vault will fully fill with water, trapping you within, and you’ll fail the Tall Tale right away.

Medallion Conundrum

Finding three Totem Medallions buried in particular places on each Totem island is the next phase of the Totem Vault. When you’ve completed the Pillar Puzzle, you’ll see hazy apparitions on the center table directing you in the direction of certain locations.

These Medallions are guarded by ancient guardians, so be careful! To continue, replenish your health supplies and return to the Vault Room with the Medallions.

At the Totem Vault, there are three spaces on the sides of the Table. One by one, place the Medallions within. You’ll get the Shroudbreaker if you complete it properly.

Take it and deliver the Shroudbreaker to the Mysterious Stranger at any outpost. He’ll disclose that the Shroudbreaker is missing certain jewels, and that Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost may have additional information.

Shroudbreaker – Mercia’s Forgotten Memories

Mercia’s diaries may be discovered in the Shroudbreaker narrative in five different locations. If you wish to unlock all commendations and the unique cannons available, you’ll need to collect all five journals.

Each journal will direct you to the following journal’s location. The hard part is figuring out where the journals are on each island.

Only while the quest is active do the diaries show. The diaries will vanish if you return the Shroudbreaker, and you will have to vote for the trip again.

The first journal may be found on the beach of the middle-ish island, near the wreck of the Magpie’s Wing.

Start from the rear of the bar and cross the rope bridge to the Ancient Spire Outpost. Down inside the cave, follow the bridge. To locate the journal, turn left and look between the candles.

Devil’s Ridge: This journal may be located on the north-east side of the island, near the cannon, on a high cliff. The entrance to the island’s cave system is also located on this ledge. The journal is propped up against the cannon.

Enter Thieves’ Haven and look over from the shipwreck to find Thieves’ Haven. You’re searching for a secluded spot with a few boxes. To locate the journal, look in the box on the ground.

Plunder Outpost: The last diary is lying inside a rowboat beside a bonfire, next to the Gold Hoarder’s tent.

So you want to shroud break?  After playing the game for a couple hours, it becomes apparent which weapons are most effective at breaking the shroud (and which weapons are effectively worthless).  The swords, axes, and hammers all have their uses, but there are a handful of weapons in the game that are absolutely essential to breaking the shroud and getting past the final boss.  In this guide, I will be breaking down the Shroudbreaker weapons and helping you identify which weapons you will need to defeat the Shroudbreaker in Sea of Thieves.. Read more about sea of thieves crab totem puzzle and let us know what you think.

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You should play the game in order of the story.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you do the Shroudbreaker sea of thieves?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Shroudbreaker Sea of Thieves is a technique in which the player uses their characters shield to block incoming attacks and then quickly strike back with their sword.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How many Shroudbreaker tall tales are there?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There are currently no Shroudbreaker tall tales.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What order should I play tall tales sea of thieves?

You should play the game in order of the story.

How do you do the Shroudbreaker sea of thieves?

The Shroudbreaker Sea of Thieves is a technique in which the player uses their characters shield to block incoming attacks and then quickly strike back with their sword.

How many Shroudbreaker tall tales are there?

There are currently no Shroudbreaker tall tales.

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