Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the story of a warrior’s rise to become a master assassin. The player controls a young warrior named Yōshō who is told he is the reincarnation of a shinobi, a member of a secret society of warriors dedicated to eradicating the evil forces that plague the land. The player is tasked with becoming a shinobi to defeat a corrupt nobleman and his army of demons. The game has been a massive success, so much so it became the first game in the history of the PlayStation to sell over a million copies on its release, and has received numerous awards since its release in March 2018. I find Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to be a remarkable title, and since I have been

If you’ve played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice then you know that each of the endings has a different way to execute the kill, and they all have different consequences to a degree. However, not all of the ending’s consequences are obvious in their differences. This guide will help you understand the consequences of each execution and how they’re interconnected.

Sekiro is a new game that is coming out for the Nintendo Switch on March 22, 2019. This blog will cover every Sekiro ending in detail.

Endings of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Spoilers to Come!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, like the previous FromSoftware games, has a variety of alternative endings. We go through the different methods to guarantee you experience each ending in our Sekiro endings guide, which involves completing some pretty difficult side missions and making the correct choices.

It’s not simple to witness every ending in Sekiro, as you’ll discover in our guide, but it’s well worth it if you can. Not only will viewing each ending provide possible conclusions, but it will also provide more insight into the mythology and narrative. Seeing each ending will reveal how the nation came to be in the condition it is today, what has been going on with the Sculptor, and who might be behind Ashina’s assault. Do you recall the colossal white snake? One of the endings, though, enables you to avenge yourself.

But first, let’s take a look back at our Sekiro endings guide, which outlines the criteria for each ending unlock, including a few activities that must be completed prior to your confrontation with the monster at Ashina Castle Peak. It’s important to note that certain chores must be completed before entering the Fountainhead Palace region; after you’ve done so, you may have already missed some criteria.

Immortal Severance – Sekiro Endings Guide

The Immortal Severance ending is perhaps the simplest to get in our Sekiro endings guide; all you have to do is complete a set of tasks provided by the Divine Heir. When Owl asks you to Obey the Iron Code, you must choose to stay faithful to the Divine Heir in order to initiate a boss battle with Owl. After that, you’ll be able to end his immortality and so fulfill Kuros’ goal.




At this stage, gathering Dragon Tears from the Divine Realm is required. Another fight will take place at the Silvergrass Fields in Ashin Reservoir – go back to the beginning of the game when you fought Genichiro and you’ll have a sense of what this region is like. Simply said, you must complete the boss battle in order to get this ending.

Shura Ending – Sekiro Endings Guide

The second ending is considered by some to be the negative one, since it has a considerably darker tone than the others. The criteria below will be triggered the second time you return to Ashina Castle. Once you’ve fought your way past the wave of Shinobi, go to the castle’s top, where you’ll run across Owl, who you thought was dead. Owl taught Sekiro a lot of things when he was younger.


When he seemed to be brown bread – Ashina Castle and Hirata’s attack was really started by Owl – we all believed he was slain during the Hirata Estates area. You’ll receive an order from owl to disobey the Divine Heir and instead follow the Iron Code, similar to the previous ending. It’s recommended deferring this ending until your second time through the game, but if you choose to help Owl, you’ll get certain boss battles that you won’t find in any other endings — and then the game will finish.

Purification – Sekiro Endings Guide

The third ending focuses on rescuing Kuro from the Dragon’s Legacy; particularly, the Everblossom Branch, which is an item you’ll need to accomplish so. The bad news is that the bloom originates from an Ashina-based tree that has collapsed, as Emma will explain. As things stand, it seems that there is no alternative method for you to get the Blossom.

There is, of course, a method to find the bloom, but it will be difficult. To begin, you’ll need to initiate a series of talks with various individuals, the first of which will be with the owl in Ashina Castle, which you must reject. Following that, there will be a debate regarding the Dragon Tears, following which you must go to the watchtower – here is where you met Isshin Ashina, as a reminder. When you get to the tower, peek in from the outside to see Emma, at which time you must engage in some eavesdropping.

Return to Kuro and speak with him – you may need to take a break at the idol to do so. Once you have the conversation, you will get a Rice Ball, and if you examine the details, you will receive a prompt indicating that Kuro is troubled by something. If you eavesdrop around the back of the screen, you may hear Kuro talking (to himself).

If Emma doesn’t show in the area right now, you’ll have to wait until she does. Emma will tell you that Kuro needs something done, which you will gladly accept before resting and starting another discussion with her about the Everblossom. According to Emma’s observations, the Everblossom was welcomed to Ashina by aristocrats who may be able to assist.


It’s recommended resting once more before returning to Ashina Castle and entering the Old Grave area. To reach to this location, just enter the castle and descend a level – keep in mind that you will be confronted with a chained ogre. You should notice a door leading to the back of the castle at this point; go through it and turn left to meet Emma amid the graves; speak with her before continuing to the Dilapidated Temple through the Sculptor’s idol.

You may listen in on the Sculptor and Emma’s conversation by walking around the back of the temple. After speaking with Emma, you will be given an offering bell that will enable you to visit the Hirata Estate after using it on the temple Buddha.

Deal with the conflicts you’re up against throughout the estate, bearing in mind that they may be more difficult this time. Once you approach the section where you fought Lady Butterfly, the Owl will want to attack you. The Owl is younger in this battle, making him a more difficult opponent than in Ashina Castle – beat him to resurrect the Everblossom you’ve been looking for.

When this is completed, go to the Silvergrass Field by continuing through the game, and when the prompt appears, give over the Everblossom to Kuro at the game’s conclusion – this will result in the third ending roll.

Return Ending – Sekiro Endings Guide

In our Sekiro Endings Guide, we’ve left this one for last since it’ll require the most work, but it’ll be worth it for what the ending has to give. To obtain this one, you must first complete the steps before attempting to take down the Divine Dragon in the Fountainhead Palace. You’ll miss the necessary steps to obtain this ending if you fight the dragon first.

To begin, the Senpou Temple stage must be completed, and you will be allowed to advance to the level end before confronting Genichiro if you do so. If you do so, the temple’s leader will emerge within the huge buddha ornament. You must have a discussion with him in order to acquire the Holy Chapter: Infested Text. If you’ve previously defeated Genichiro, you won’t be able to locate the monk in the temple, but you will be able to discover the Infested Text on the Temple Grounds – in a pond. Continue on until you reach Mibu Villahge and meet the corrupted monk, since you’ll need to swim to the pond to get the book.

Regardless of how you get the book, you must return to the Senpou Temple (particularly the Inner sanctuary), where you originally saw the Divine Child. After acquiring the rice, either consume it or give it to the elderly woman who can be found at Senpou Temple and Sunken Valley.

After a few lots of rice, you’ll see that the Divine Child is becoming weary, and she’ll ask for a Persimmon. Purchase one from the Memorial Mob Merchant in the Shugendo region near the Senpou Temple, or try earning one in the Senpou Temple level by beating the monsters there. Remember that man who asked for a white flower and then requested you to take him somewhere else? Another method to get the item is to just complete Kotaro’s side-mission. Use the Divine Abduction Prosthetic on him to transport him to the Hall of Illusion, where he will give up the item you need (the Persimmon).


After you’ve given the kid the Persimmon, engage in discussion to earn additional rice – participate in conversation many times and you’ll receive rice for Kuro, which you’ll need to offer him in the form of a rice ball. You may keep it or eat it, but you should return to the Inner Sanctum, where the chilkd has vanished into the Hall of Illusion, and start a new discussion.

This time, the kid claims that the head of Senpou Temple is in a cave behind the temple, holding another manuscript that complements the Infested text. Make your way into the cave until the point where you must leap down; after you do, look behind you for a place to swim under the wall and go on to the end of the path. When you notice several strange-looking sculptures, one of which sticks out in a distinct color attire, you’ve arrived at the correct location. Before bringing it to the Divine Child, interact with the statue that sticks out to obtain the text we’re searching for.

We like to take a break from our Sekiro endings guide, so after you’re done, go to the Child again, and he’ll inform you that the Great Serpent has two fruits you’ll need. Do you recall the enormous snake you saw earlier? That’s the one I’m talking about. This job will take you off the beaten road, so make sure you have the Puppeteer Ninjutsu talent beforehand. You can get it by playing the narrative.

Proceed to Senpou Temple, which is located near the abandoned dungeon entry location, in the direction of Kotaro. We’re searching for a crank, a kite, and a little Senpou assassin, which you’ll discover after turning right from the Abandoned Dungeon entrance. You’ll need to use the puppeteer talent to persuade the assassin to spin the kite, and then go to the mountain point where the big tree is located. Because the kite will be in a tree, you’ll have to climb up and grapple to it, which will require grappling over the ravine’s far side.

Look towards where you grappled from and search for a place to make your way down on the left-hand side. Progress to the point where you find a cave entry point which holds a Sculptor’s idol. Progress through the cave until you reach the other end where a large wooden plank lays that you can shimmy across. Look down and the Great Serpent you’ve been looking for should be wrapped around an object waiting – a prompt should now appear to use your Death Blow, which will then result in obtaining the fresh fruit you need.

Now we must find the dried fruit, which may be located near the Sunken Valley’s monument mob Merchant. To begin, go to Riven Cave to view the Sculptor’s idol, and then go to the Snowy Cliffs to see the sculptures once again. Before clinging to the tree, drop down below, and for reference, go to the right where the Valley ground meets the cave opening, which is where the merchant lives. Continue into the tunnel until you seem to have reached a dead end owing to the Giant snake pursuing you – there is a stone pillar that you should embrace. After that, hop down to the left side, where the snake is gazing elsewhere. Continue ahead until you come across a monkey, at which point you may use your puppeteer talent to have the monkey distract the snake for you. Grapple your way to the temple, which contains the dried fruit.

Return to the Inner Sanctum and give over the fruits to the Divine Child, then rest for a while and interact with the door before resting again. When you interact with the Child, she will offer you toe Frozen Dragon Tear, after which you may go to the Fountainhead Palace and complete the game normally. When you finish the Silvergrass Field fight and utilize the Dragon Tears when asked, you’ll get the Return Ending.

This ends our Sekiro endings guide; however, if you’re searching for additional Sekiro information, we have articles like the Sekiro top skills guide and more!

Sekiro is a new game out on PS4 and Xbox One (and PC), and we’ve covered the game’s ending options extensively . This guide will highlight the ending that’s used if you follow this guide to the letter.. Read more about shura ending sekiro and let us know what you think.

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The best ending in Sekiro is the one you get after beating the game.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the easiest ending in Sekiro?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The easiest ending in Sekiro is the one where you defeat the boss of the game, and then leave.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you get the purification ending Sekiro?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You need to have a high enough level of purity in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ending in Sekiro?

The best ending in Sekiro is the one you get after beating the game.

What is the easiest ending in Sekiro?

The easiest ending in Sekiro is the one where you defeat the boss of the game, and then leave.

How do you get the purification ending Sekiro?

You need to have a high enough level of purity in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

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