The Serious Sam series has been praised by many gamers for its unique gameplay, humor and crazy weapons. Serious Sam is a classic First Person Shooter game, which took the first person perspective to a whole new level. It is considered as one of the finest FPS games ever created, with a unique atmosphere and a very high entertainment factor.

All secrets: Collect all the secrets.

There are many secret areas in the game world, and many of them are located in the secret underground bunkers of the Maelstrom Project, the fabled Anomalies of the Vorts, and the Space Stations of the Bloopers. The best way to find out where they are is to use the secret messages . This is a very important tutorial, and this is the first secret message you will get. Here is a picture of the first message.

Serious Sam 4 consists of many different missions, most of which involve finding a large number of collectibles.

Some of these collectibles include weapons like a rocket launcher, depot, armor and more!

So let’s try and find them, shall we? We begin with North By Northwest – Mission 1

Death From Above – Mission 1 contains a total of 8 different collectibles.


In this mission you have to find Father Michael and try to get away from the courtyard where a car is on fire.

Anyway, for the purpose of this guide, keep following the quest marker, out of the courtyard, into the dark tunnel.

Follow the signpost until you come to a rather broken and damaged cabinet behind which is a secret rocket launcher.


From the last secret object, follow the path outside and exit the dark tunnels.

Keep following the quest marker and stop when you reach an area with a building on the right and large pillars (as seen above).

You have to enter this building from the right (you can’t enter the building, but you have to go under it).

The next part will be a challenge because you often have to jump and climb on the platforms.

In any case, there will or should be a box here in the corner with a health object on it. You have to climb on this chest and grab the health item when you need it.

Anyway, if you are standing on this box, turn around and hopefully you will see the projections on the pillars of the building.

You have to make use of these ledges by jumping and climbing to reach the top.

As you approach the top, you’ll see a bright white ledge that you can climb. Fortunately, these white ledges are much larger, so you will have no trouble climbing them.

However, remember that you may have to try a little to get it right.

Also remember NOT to go to the other side of the building, keep jumping and climbing and stay on the right side of the building where the crate is that you had to climb on to get here.

The secret vault is here, on the white ledge.


Stay in the same area as the last object and the giant swimming fish-like creature and keep following the quest marker.

However, stay right through the maze of brick walls.

Follow the path to the right (on the picture above you should go left) to find a small green bush behind which you will find the next collectible.


You should soon find yourself in a large area with several damaged columns and statues in the middle of the area. Several fighter jets will also fly over the area

At this point, you may have also unlocked an additional goal: OVER THE WALL.

Anyway, a little further on we leave the nice area with the stone pillars and the rays, instead we turn around here and go through the optional target wall (as seen above).

First follow the blue quest marker along a fairly straightforward path, then climb the stairs.

After climbing the steps, however, turn right and walk along the green past more brick walls.

However, when you reach the small green grove (indicated above), pass it and turn right.

Here, under the small arch (shown above), you will find the next secret object.


Go to the building behind Kenny, here, after you cross the plain. Take the stairs to the first floor.

When you get back on the road, turn right immediately. Then follow the path around and through the panelling.

The next secret is at the end of these panel walls, next to a parked white van.


We turn back and walk through the long empty streets back to the search marker.

Ignore the intersections and continue north. But if you see a white van next to a yellow van, stop here.

At this point you want to get on the white van.

From the white van, you have to jump on the yellow van. The next secret object is on the roof of the truck.


After you jump off the truck, continue until you reach the yellow marker.

The next secret vault is behind the damaged car, between the buildings on the right and the tree roots forming on the building on the left.


Follow the quest marker and pass the building with the damaged roof, you are now on a paved road.

Keep following the road, but keep to the left and when you come to a small bridge, cross it.

Continue on the bridge until you reach the door. As you may have guessed, you’re dealing with an angry cow, so be prepared for that.

Equip yourself with a weapon you find useful (personally, I recommend a pistol, since the opponent should not be too strong). Well, if you look at the picture on the portal, you will see that there is a cow on it, you will want to delete that picture (yes, delete the picture, don’t ask me!).

In this case, you should be on your guard! Have fun!




(Death From Above – Mission 1) Guide is a guide that is created for serious about playing the game Serious Sam 4, you can find a complete information about the game, all secrets, bugs, glitches and how to get them by reading this guide.. Read more about serious sam 4 levels list and let us know what you think.

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Yes, Serious Sam 4 has secrets.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you jump higher in Serious Sam 4?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”

It is best to jump with both feet together.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What happened Serious Sam 4?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Serious Sam 4 was cancelled by Devolver Digital.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Serious Sam 4 have secrets?

Yes, Serious Sam 4 has secrets.

How do you jump higher in Serious Sam 4?

It is best to jump with both feet together.

What happened Serious Sam 4?

Serious Sam 4 was cancelled by Devolver Digital.


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