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Niaowu, or “Secrets”, are special side quests that can be found in Shenmue. You can sometimes find them in the overworld, but sometimes in dungeons and stores. There are also Niaowu that can be found in the Collectables section of the “Menu”, and there are a couple that can be found in the App Stores. You can also complete your Niaowu by completing the corresponding side-quest in the game.

In Shenmue III, Niaowu (Ninja Warrior) Side Quests are a series of Niaowu Training Routes that are located in each district and that allows you to reach different levels of Niaowu expertise.

Shenmue III has many distinct locales, but only two of them include side missions that you may unlock and finish. Despite the fact that these side missions are optional, they may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments, including Bailu Village and Niaowu. Please be aware that these side missions are very easy to overlook and are not well indicated on the map.

SH3-Shenmue-III-List-Of-Niaowu-Side-QuestsBailu Village Completed key tasks in Bailu 1626572854_407_SH3-Shenmue-III-List-Of-Niaowu-Side-QuestsNiaowu Completed key tasks in Niaowu

With that, you should have a better sense of where the side missions are hidden; the second set will be in Niaowu, of course.

The following is a list of Niaowu side missions that are currently accessible.





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