This guide is intended to give you an overview of the newly released Story Quest (DLC) for Shenmue III. This guide will show you the objectives and how to achieve them.

This guide will help you to defeat the 5th round of the Story Quests in Shenmue III, and complete your walkthrough. The 5th round of the story quests (Story 5) is divided into two parts: the fight with the main boss and the final boss. This guide will help you to defeat the 5th round of the Story Quests in Shenmue III, and complete your walkthrough. Story 5 of the game is divided into two parts: the fight with the main boss and the final boss. To go to this section from the main menu, start the game and press X.

With the release of Shenmue III in December, the series has suddenly gained a lot of attention once again. As one of the most anticipated games of 2018, Shenmue III is being billed by some as the “second coming of the JRPG”. This of course has led to some people thinking that the game will be a much more open-ended affair than the original, and that the story will be more complex and interwoven with side-quests and colorful characters. However, if you go into the game expecting anything more than a straightforward adventure, you’re going to be disappointed.

The whole dlc revolves on messing about with Chawan Signs, which is a throwback to Shenmue II, so I hope you like messing around with cups! ha!

Anyway, in order to activate the DLC, you must first be in Niaowu, which, for those who are curious, is the game’s second locale. From there, talk with Mr Zhang (the man in the image above), who will be dressed in a brown suit and seated right outside the Niaowu Hotel.

Speak with him to learn about Chawan Signs, and now we’re getting to the fun portion of the DLC! Cups are being played with! Essentially, you will be given a sheet of paper indicating how the cups should be positioned, as well as several different locations in which to execute these signs; however, there will be many different locations in which to execute these signs, but only one of which will be the correct location, confusing right?

Anyway, let’s get this party started. After meeting with Zhang, you’ll be handed your first Chawan Sign sheet, and our first objective is to figure out where the best place to do this is. For those having trouble, the proper location is the place where you first meet Ren and the Bauble store. 

If you go down the short flight of stairs, you’ll come across many tables, one of which will have a row of cups on it; we’ll need to inspect these cups in order to continue. If you forget what position the cups need to be in, you may always refer to the piece of paper Zhang provided you, which should look something like this.

After you’ve properly positioned the cups, choose the ‘Wait’ option, and someone should hopefully provide you a tiny piece of paper with a hint as to where you should go next. (Store Design)

Hmm, I’m not sure what this tiny drawing is alluding to. Doesn’t it seem to be a little hazy? Well, the solution is the Chicken Emperor restaurant, which is located beside a bookstore with a variety of books.

Inside, talk with a guy dressed in orange who identifies himself as Wai YangFeng. You must now wait for your next contact, who will be in the same location as the hotel. Wai YangFeng is your next contact, and fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long for him to arrive. Zhang has gone missing, and no one knows where he might have gone. Agree to assist him in his search for Zhang.

You’ll want to go to the multi-colored Umbrella tables near where you originally met Wai and talk with a lady called Bao Huiying. It’s here that you’ll learn about a group known as the Blue Spiders.

You should now go to the area between the Ice Cream shop and Pharmacy to talk with a guy called Lu Jiayi; it seems that Zhang was taken away by a gang of thugs, perhaps the Blue Spiders. hmm..

You will now be handed your second Chawan Sign after reporting your findings to Mr Wei, who is back at the Hotel.

The proper position for the next Sign is the same as when you first saw Lu Jiayi, directly next to the Burger Shop.

You will now be handed another letter, titled ‘Blue Spider,’ which will inform you of a back alley that may be their hiding place, but first we must report our discoveries to Mr Wei, who is, of course, still at the Hotel.

Our next destination is the back alley you desire beside a yellow walled off sign, which is back where you first encountered Ren in the main game’s narrative and/or where you got the Store Layout memo.

You’ll run across some old characters here, and you’ll be pushed into a battle, so beat them up!

You will have to wait once more and meet your next contact at the Hotel. This time, your contact will be a different individual who goes by the name of Mai and works for Mr Zhang. Not only has Zhang vanished, but so has Mr Wei; maybe the goons you just dealt with abducted him as well? What are the chances? Let’s see what we can find out, shall we?

Anyway, begin by agreeing to assist Mr Mai, and you’ll be handed your second Chawan Sign. Now, let’s go back to the cups!

You’ll want to go to the Gambling Area and the area where you can exchange your winnings for a variety of other things for this one (it is opposite the Riverside Bar).

You’ll get another Chawan Sign as a prize for finishing this one, oh joy! That’s something we’ve always desired! Anyway, go return to the hotel and inform Mr Mai of your discovery.

Another Chawan Sign will appear, this time directing us to the second level of the Peking Duck House.

You’ll get a ‘Mysterious Memo’ as a prize for finishing this one, and you’ll have to report back to Mr Mai at the Hotel once more.

You’ve been given the job of waiting for Mr Mai, which may take a long time. Perhaps there’s a bug that I’m not aware of, but I attempted mini games and Martial Arts training and he still didn’t come. Instead, I had to wait a whole in-game day before resting in the Hotel for the night, and only then did Mr Mai reappearance.

In any case, you’ll ultimately locate him near the hotel, where he usually hangs around… The game will now advise you where to go, which is Kowloon Dim Sum on Senary Road, which is directly next to Peking Duck House, where you got the ‘Mysterious Memo’ last time.

However, once inside, you will need to obtain entrance to the second level, which is presently guarded by a lady in a hat; unfortunately, you will require a female companion and a particular dress code to access the stairs, sigh. So, I suppose it’s back to Mr. Mai to see if he has any suggestions.

Thankfully, he does, and he gives you a costume to wear, and I must say, the Ryo outfit is very lovely and appropriate; I’m a huge admirer. Ryo will then ask Shenua to be his female companion for the next few moments, to which she will accept and don her Dragon Quest VIII outfit, sorry couldn’t resist.

Anyway, now that everything’s taken care of, it’s back to the Kowloon Dim Sum! We should now have access to the stairs, where we may finally perform the last Chawan Sign. Remember the Chawan Sign we received earlier but didn’t get to use since Mr Mai gave us another? Now we can put it to good use.

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Your reward will now be a letter labeled ‘Hidden Wolf,’ and the game will direct you to Blossom Road, which is the region to the right of where you are now. Continue on the right side of the road through the next few buildings, as if you were on your way to Hua Xiao Temple. If you keep gazing to the right, you’ll come to a store named “Speciality Goods,” and just next to it is a gated area that you may pass through to reach your ultimate goal. Mr Zhang may also be found in the biggest room in the building, behind the red couch.

Well done, you’ve finished the Story Quest DLC after some more conversation and a few battles.





Shenmue III (known as Shenmue III: The Strict Sensei in the Japanese version) is the third game in the Shenmue series, developed by Sega and published by Sega of America. It is set for release on December 20th, 2018 for the PS4 and PC, with a port for the Xbox One coming at a later date.. Read more about shenmue 4 and let us know what you think.

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