(SH3) Shenmue III – Story Quest (DLC) : Your Not Going To Eat It? (Peking Duck Chawan Sign) Guide (US)

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The “Peking Duck Chawan Sign” is a traditional Chinese dish, which contains a rooster. It is likely that the name “Peking Duck” comes from the city of Beijing in China. The dish is called “Chawan” in Chinese. It is a bowl of chicken noodle served with a side dish of pickled vegetables.. Read more about shenmue 3 walkthrough and let us know what you think.


Story Quest Quest in Shenmue III (DLC) You’re Not Going to Eat It? : Trophy Achievement necessitates the acquisition of Peking Duck with Chawan Sign

Before we begin, please be advised that this is a missable item and that you will need to be at a particular point in the DLC narrative to get it, as well as being in a specified area.

Okay, let’s get started. It’s a basic accomplishment that needs you to mess about with cups and make Chawan Signs, which you should already be familiar with if you’ve played the dlc. 

So here’s the data you’ve been searching for:

STORY: ‘Use Chawan Signs to gather information about the Blue Spiders.’ LOCATION: Peking Duck House





Unfortunately, the PS3 port of Shenmue 3 is a bit buggy, and with the recent release of a fourth post-launch update, it has become so unstable as to be unplayable. Though the game is playable, many players have reported that it freezes and crashes constantly.. Read more about shenmue 3 big wheel tips and let us know what you think.

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