If you’ve played Shenmue II before, you most certainly remember it. If not, it’s the game where you play as Ryo Hazuki and his journey to find revenge. What is especially impressive about Shenmue is the fact that it was one of the first games to take advantage of the Dreamcast’s capabilities in terms of its FMV capabilities.

For those who haven’t played the first two games, the Dojo Flashback system remembers your best friends from Shenmue 1 and 2. It’s basically a time machine that brings back your old friends from the past. If you’ve ever tried to do this, you know how difficult it is to do. Most players just want to get the whole game over with, and don’t want to have to go back to playing the previous titles. This guide will show you the secret to unlocking the Dojo Flashback system, and how you can unlock it.

Shenmue is getting a remaster and it has been a long time coming. It’s been 16 years since the original Shenmue released. In those 16 years some things have changed, other things have remained the same. Most people have played this game by now and still love it. This guide will outline how to unlock the hidden Dojo flashback mode.

The ‘Treasure Your Friends’ Trophy/Achievement is awarded for seeing the Dojo Flashback. Here’s how to get it unlocked!

This MUST be done immediately at the beginning of the game, after the automated cutscene with Fuku-San, when the game returns you to the Dojo. Return to the Dojo right away and attempt to zoom in and scan the parchment on the left wall (above the wall Fuku-San is facing)






Shenmue Remaster was released on December 14th in the US and on December 19th in Europe, bringing the original Shenmue to the modern day. It was met with (by most reviews) positive reviews, but unfortunately, it wasn’t available on the PC. Most people are excited to see the game running on modern hardware, but a lot of people are missing out on the unlockable flashback (Dojo) mode, which is how you unlock all the mini games in the game. For those who are not aware, these mini games are all unlocked by collecting enough money throughout the main game. They are all fun, and make the game a lot more enjoyable, especially while you’re progressing through the game.. Read more about shenmue walkthrough and let us know what you think.


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