The shortage of high-end PC parts will soon be over with the release of new, more powerful and efficient components. This is good news for gamers who have been waiting to upgrade their computers.

The when will pc prices go back to normal is a question that is asked by many PC gamers. There is no specific date when the price of high-end PC parts will return to normal, but it appears that the shortage will end soon. Read more in detail here: when will pc prices go back to normal 2021.

After over a year, PC gamers may breathe a sigh of relief. Despite rumors that there are a lot of secondhand graphics cards flooding the market here and there, it does not seem that we are there yet.


While a few studies may be used to evaluate the PC industry, they are inadequate to accurately forecast the result. As a result, the majority of studies aren’t reliable enough to predict PC industry developments. However, the Jon Peddie Research company offers a great market study that covers desktops, laptops, DIY, and accessories and utilizes data from 33 nations.

According to current study, high-end PC components are expected to acquire traction shortly and maintain it for many years. Because COVID prevented the majority of customer spending from reaching manufacturers, resellers were able to charge exorbitant rates for PC goods, particularly graphics cards.

These manufacturers have traditionally used Just-in-Time inventory systems, but they are now using Just-in-Case inventory levels to deal with circumstances like the COVID epidemic. This will have a major effect on the inventories of high-end PC gaming goods and make it easier for them to keep product pricing at MSRP.

High-end PC parts sales graph

According to Ted Pollak, Senior Analyst Game Tech Industry, the demand for high-end CPU and GPU will skyrocket in the next years as high-end gaming displays become more affordable than ever before.

Unfortunately, the budget gamers, who make up the majority of the gaming community, have no good news.


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The graphics card shortage uk is a problem that has been present for a while. With the release of new graphics cards, the demand for these parts will soon be met.

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Im not sure, but it is likely to last for at least another month.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is there a PC part shortage?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
There is no shortage of PC parts.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are computer parts so expensive right now 2021?


How long will the PC part shortage last?

Im not sure, but it is likely to last for at least another month.

Is there a PC part shortage?

There is no shortage of PC parts.

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