The Hodunks and Zafords are two noble clans that were at war with each other for centuries. However, they knew that they can’t fight forever—they had to settle their dispute through chivalrous deeds. One day, Hodunk’s champion contestant, Saxon, would build a giant statue of Zaford’s champion contestant, Salic, and have a duel between the two of them. The winner would choose the territory of their clan. The loser would have to face a humiliating punishment. The two clans decided to settle their dispute with chivalrous deeds.

Please tell me how to change the color of my Zafords in-game! I’ve been trying for ages and I’m giving up, please help me! I just want my Zafords to be white, so can someone help me?

Something happened in the Clan Wars Zafords vs Hodunks battle on Thursday night. It was a good battle, but it wasn’t completely fair. Zafords had a lot of guys but Hodunks had more power. That’s just the way it is when you fight with a clan that has a lot of power. But this war is different. Zafords doesn’t have the power to win this war. Not with just 6 members. But Zafords doesn’t plan to win this war. Zafords is going to win this war by losing. Zafords will lose so much that the Hodunks clan will have to concede. With Zafords having such a small amount of members it will be hard to try to win

clan faceoff

So there you have it, people. We’ve arrived at the pinnacle of this clan conflict. The houses of the Hodunks have been set ablaze, and a Zaford wake has devolved into a bloodbath. Only a last confrontation between the two groups remains. The only decision you must make is which side to support. Both gangs are converging on the Lynchwood railway station, which is located near the Highlands entrance.

Prepare to choose a side as you drive out there. Enjoy their bewilderment as they find out who you’re fighting for before you make your decision. Once you’ve decided whose side you’ll be on, start shooting at your foes. Including the gang’s leader, kill everyone. You’ll get a nice weapon for putting a stop to this violent conflict if you talk to whichever leader you didn’t murder.

Zafords vs. Hodunks Clan War REWARD:

Landscaper shotgun or Chulainn SMG (Zafords) (Hodunks)

4812 hours of experience

Starting off the new year with a bang, Clan War Zafords (known as ZAF) and Hodunks (known as HO) have decided to go head to head in a battle of their clans’ most popular war in War of the Gods. This time around, the ZAFs have set themselves up to go undefeated, while the Hodunks are looking for a comeback.. Read more about borderlands 2 clan war: trailer trashing and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a war between Zafords vs Hodunks?

There is no war between the Zafords and Hodunks.

Whats better Slagga or Maggie?

Slagga is better because he has a bigger hitbox.

How do I farm Zafords and Hodunks?

Zafords can be found in the caves on the left side of the map. Hodunks can be found in the caves on the right side of the map.

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