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Last week, I gave you a full guide and tips on the new Reroll system. Since the system is still in its infancy, there’s quite the influx of people who want to create characters to fill out the Tier List. With that said, I thought I’d start a new thread for this new forum, since it’s a bit more wide-reaching than the previous.

Note: This guide is not for the newbies who haven’t done a single resroll. If you want to know how to do an Reroll, check this guide out! And if you don’t have an account, you will have to create one first. After that, you can continue reading this blog post!

Get started with our worldwide Sinoalice guide, which includes a rerolling guide for Android and iOS, a guide to classes, characters, and weapons, as well as information on the Sinoalice tier list.

Tips and Advice on Sinoalice

The Sinoalice Global English version is now available on Google Play and iOS App Stores globally. You will be able to reroll for weapons immediately after downloading and starting the game for the first time – weapons are the game’s primary focus, which you attach to character classes to make them stronger. Let’s take a look at Sinoalice’s tier list and reroll instructions.

Rerolling Instructions

Rerolling in Sinoalice Global is simple whether you’re on Android or iOS. The puppets will let you to access the x11 Grimoires once you start the game; these books, or Grimoires, are the things that will draw weaponry for you. You must strive for x2 SR-grade weapons of the same kind (see the weapon type guide below) or weapons that unlock character classes (see the weapon type guide below). As of this writing, it seems that the reroll does not provide L-grade or rare weapons.

You have limitless rerolls at the start of the game; all you have to do is touch on the “summon another grimoire” button to reroll. Continue to reroll until you get top-tier or high-grade SR weapons.

Weapons Instructions

Sinoalice Global Guide Tier List RerollWeapons are divided into eight categories in Sinoalice Global: Instrument, Tome, Artifacts, Staff, Blade, Heavy, Projectile, and Polearm.

The Most Effective Weapons

  • Supporter courses benefit the most from this instrument.
  • Tome – This is the best tome for supporting classes.
  • Artifact — This is the best class for supporting classes.
  • Best for supporting courses is the staff.
  • Blade – This is the best weapon for DPS classes.
  • Heavy – This is the best option for DPS classes.
  • Projectile – This is the best weapon for DPS classes.
  • Polearm is the best weapon for DPS classes.

You must strive for SR-grade weapons of the same kind while rerolling. For instance, x2 SR-Staff and x2 SR-Heavy.

Where Can I Get Weapons?

Weapons (SR, S, A) are available from Grimoire. Twilight Crystals will be spent there. You may acquire weapons through the medal exchange store in addition to Grimoire (Grimoire -gt; medal exchange -gt; choose the medals that you want to exchange for weapons).

Class-Unlocking Weapons

Sinoalice Global Guide Tier List RerollThe weapons that unlock various classes in the game may be obtained from the Grimoire. For example, when you get the weapon Tome of Dependence, the Pinocchio Sorcerer class becomes available. When you get Blade of Depravity, the Cinderella Breaker class becomes available. The Alice Cleric class is unlocked when you get the Staff of Bondage weapon.

Although, from the original x11 books/grimoire, we do not have any weapon that unlocks the character class. However, if you wish to reroll for the weapons that unlock character classes, you may do so. Alternatively, you may just reroll for SR-grade weaponry (x2 weapons of the same type).

List of Characters

The following characters appear in the Sinoalice Global version: –

  1. Alice
  2. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  3. Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale character.
  4. Cinderella
  5. Pinocchio
  6. Sleeping Beauty is a fictional character.
  7. Gretel
  8. Princess Kaguya is a princess who lives in Japan.

Guide to Character Classes

Each character in Sinoalice Global comes in a variety of classifications. Alice, for example, is a character in Sinoalice worldwide. Alice comes in four different classes: Breaker, Paladin, Cleric, and Mage. Go to the menu -gt; codex -gt; class -gt; to filter the classes by character after rerolling or setting up the name. There are x22 classes and eight characters in the worldwide edition of the game.

  • Breaker, Paladin, Cleric, and Mage Alice
  • Snow White is a Cleric and a Breaker.
  • Red Riding Hood is a sorceress, cleric, and crusher.
  • Cinderella – Breaker, Gunner
  • Crusher, Paladin, and Mage – Pinocchio
  • Crusher, Sorcerer, and Gunner in Sleeping Beauty
  • Gretel – Minstrel, Breaker
  • Princess Kaguya is a Cleric, a Paladin, and a Sorcerer.

This is based on the game’s worldwide version. The information comes from the game’s codex (menu -gt; codex).

Class Schedule and Guide

  1. DPS PHY breaker
  3. DPS Paladin – Mage
  4. Mage DPS Gunner
  5. Supporter – Cleric
  6. Supporter – Minstrel
  7. Supporter – Sorcerer
  8. Supporter – Mage

You’ll have to equip weaponry based on your class. For example, DPS-weapons such as blade, heavy, projectile, and polearm may be equipped on a DPS class like Crusher.

You may sort the weapons by kind and grade in the -gt; codex menu.

List of global tiers

You should be aware that the Sinoalice Global version lacks a character and class tier list. The key word is “weapon.” You should concentrate on obtaining high-grade weapons since they have superior stats and abilities; L grade gt; SR grade gt; S grade gt; A grade. The top tier weapons are L-grade and SR-grade. All you have to do now is enroll them in the appropriate courses (DPS-type weapons to the characters classes with DPS-role). Read more on the classes and weapons in the section above. The Sinoalice weapon tier list may be found here.

Guide to Progression

Join a guild and get access to Colosseum mode by following the narrative mode. Complete objectives, unlock new classes, harvest resources in event modes, and upgrade gears to become more powerful.

Mode of Narration

In story mode, you’ll finish the chapters and earn EXP, mastery, and material items that you may use to upgrade your gears.

Guide to Colosseum Mode

You will be allowed to play the Colosseum mode after you have joined the guild in Sinoalice worldwide. You will win medals in this mode, which you may trade for other goods at the medal exchange store. This mode allows you to engage in guild fights with up to x15 guild members; the guide with the most life-force wins.

In the Event Modes, Farm

You may get information on limited-time events by going to Home -gt; Story -gt; Event -gt; In the event modes, you may harvest material things (which you’ll need to upgrade your equip and classes).


Purification may be started by pressing the purification button in the top-right corner -gt; opponents can be tapped to gain EXP and AP.

Strengthening Suggestions

You may improve your account in Sinoalice Global by creating a fantastic collection of character classes that are loaded with top-notch equipment. To get more powerful, you’ll need to improve your equipment —

Upgrade your equipment.

Upgrade gear – go to the upgrade/sell tab –gt; improve gear –gt; alter base –gt; pick the gear you want to upgrade –gt; then select the materials (use useless gears as material items – acquire via story mode or events). You’ll need gold coins.

Limit-Breaking Gears are a kind of gear that may be used to break a

The limi-break technique may be used to raise the maximum level of gear. You’ll need two or more weapons or nightmares with the same name to limit-break gears.

Guide to Changing Gear

The gear rank rises as the gear evolves. To develop the gears, you’ll require evolution resources.

Mastery may be used to improve a class.

In narrative mode or the colosseum, you may farm mastery. Raising the character class level requires mastery. To upgrade a character class, go to the upgrade/sell tab -gt; upgrade class -gt; change class -gt; pick the character class you wish to improve -gt; touch the + button to utilize mastery, then tap the upgrade button. To unlock new abilities, level up your character’s class.

Arcana’s Limit-Breaking Class

You will be able to limit-break and upgrade the class once you reach its maximum level. To limit-break, you’ll need Arcana.


In Sinoalice Global, Arcana is a unique item that you’ll need to restrict break a certain class. Exchanging medals is the greatest method to get arcana in Sinoalice worldwide. Go to Grimoire -gt; banner -gt; medal exchange -gt; or menu -gt; medal exchange -gt; pick the medal -gt; scroll down to see the list of things you may get by trading the medals. Keep an eye out for arcana. Each class has its own set of arcana.

That concludes our Sinoalice tutorial and rerolling techniques, as well as information on weapons, characters, classes, and tier lists. Do you have any more hacks, tips, or tactics to offer newcomers? Please leave a comment below.


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