Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Locations

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It has been a while since I have done a Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Locations post. I have to say, I was really excited when I first found this site, and I read all the posts, but I never really got around to writing my own. I guess I got caught up in other stuff, and I just forgot about it all. But now that I have the opportunity to write again, I thought I would take it. A couple of months ago, I had the idea of finding all the Stones of Barenziah locations in Skyrim. The easiest way to do that, I figured, was to use the Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Locations website.

If youve played Skyrim, chances are pretty good you have some experience finding the Stones of Barenziah. In order to gain access to the stones, you must locate a Great Welkynd Stone, an Ebony Blade, and a Scroll of Atromancy. Then, you must combine the stones and the blade in the correct order, and use the scroll to correctly cast a spell to open the portal inside the blade. In order to reach all the Stones of Barenziah, you must complete the main quest line, and may even need some help finding some of the locations.

Skyrim Stones of Barenziah Locations is a guide written to help players find the stones of Barenziah in Skyrim, for their own personal use or for trading purposes. The guide will include the following information:

Stones of Barenziah are gems in Skyrim that trigger a quest in your journal that requires you to evaluate the gem before utilizing it. You may either go to Vex in the Riften Thieves Guild or Maul, who is also in Riften, to evaluate a gem. There are a total of 24 Stones of Barenziah, and the locations for all of them are shown here. Locations of the Barenziah Stones:

  1. Elenwen’s Solar has a Thalmor Embassy in one of her bedrooms.
  2. Sload Dainty: Located aboard a ship moored between Solitude Lighthouse and Solitude. The Dainty Sload sits on a table in the Captain’s Quarters after you board the ship.
  3. Dead Crone Rock is found on an altar at the top of the last tower, in front of the word Wall. 
  4. Inside Dragonsreach, Whiterun is situated in the Jarl’s bedroom area.
  5. In Kodlak’s bedroom, Whiterun, Jorrvaskr.
  6. Whiterun, in the Hall of the Dead’s Catacombs. It’s in a wall crypt beside a skeleton after you’re inside.
  7. Sunderstone Gorge: Located in front of the word wall on the altar.
  8. Rannveig’s Fast: Located near the watery jail on a table.
  9. Winterhold College is housed on a shelf in the Arch-quarters. Mage’s
  10. Yngvild: Look for a chamber behind the throne in the throne room.
  11. Near a necromancer’s resting place is Hob’s Fall Cave.
  12. Proudspire Manor’s Solitude is found in the master bedroom. You must first buy the property in order to get this stone.)
  13. Jarl Elisif’s apartments are situated on a shelf in Solitude, Blue Palace.
  14. Fellglow Keep an eye out for a counter in the workroom, which is located at the top of the main foyer.
  15. Windhelm, House of Clan Shattershield, upstairs in the first bedroom on the left.
  16. Look for this stone on a table in Wuunferth the Unliving’s chambers in Windhelm, Palace of Kings. If you can’t locate it, go to the end of the upstrais hall and seek for the first door on the left side of the main hall.
  17. The Bandit Wizard’s cavern contains Stony Creek Cave.
  18. Ansilvund: Found beside Fjori’s ghost in the burial rooms.
  19. On the dresser in Astrid’s room is a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary.
  20. Pinewatch: You must go through the Pinewatch until you reach the Pinewatch Bandit Sanctuary to find this stone. Inside, check for empty draugh tombs; there is a locked door to the right that you must pick to obtain this stone. The stone itself is found on a bookcase’s top shelf.
  21. Black Briar Lodge, Riften, is situated in the main bedroom. (upstairs)
  22. Mistveil Keep, Riften, is situated in the Jarl’s chambers.
  23. Markarth, Treasury House, close to the bed in the master bedroom.
  24. Understone Keep, Markarth, is housed in a closed chamber of the Dwemer Museum. Look for the stone on a nearby table.

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Stones of Barenziah are very rare, and nobody knows exactly where they are. They appear on the map as a single piece of jewelry. But it is not pieces of jewelry, it is stones.. Read more about stones of barenziah glitch and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are all the 24 Stones of Barenziah?

The 24 Stones of Barenziah are a set of ancient Daedric artifacts that can be found throughout the game.

Where are all 24 unusual gems in Skyrim?

The gems are scattered throughout the world of Skyrim. You can find them in caves, dungeons, and other places.

Can you keep the crown of Barenziah?

Unfortunately, I am unable to keep the crown of Barenziah.

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