In SMITE, Gods are the most powerful characters in the game. These are the Gods of the Pantheon, the most powerful among the nine Gods. This year, for the brand new God Reveal event, Nike (The Goddess of Victory) was revealed. She is one of the Pantheon’s two new Gods, and she is the first brand new God in SMITE since the Pantheon’s introduction.

After a year of play, the voice of God in SMITE has been revealed. The name of the nemesis that will be haunting our heroes is Nike, the Goddess of Victory. She was released alongside a new skin for the legendary Hercules, and will be the first skin the God will be able to obtain through the God Reveal system, which will continue to offer new rewards as the God family continues to grow.

In SMITE, the “God Reveal” is a special event in which players can see the true form of a god and be awarded a special buff or a unique item. This event has been going on for over a year now and was added to SMITE at the start of Season 4.

NIKE, the Goddess of Victory, is not a sports shoe brand, but a renowned goddess from the Greek pantheon. The winged warrior NIKE enters the battle in the newest SMITE update.

NIKE, a strong warrior, sets objectives for the whole squad to accomplish throughout a match. Victory is a certain conclusion with Nike on your side.

Nike, who was represented by a wreath of Laurel leaves in Greek mythology, soared over battlefields bestowing honor and renown on the victorious.

For additional information, see the reveal video.

NIKE, Goddess of Victory, SMITE – God Reveal


Giveaway codes for the character and her alternative skin are available, and once the patch is published, they will function on all platforms.

On PC today, Xbox One and PS4 will come next week.

Tier 5 Anubis Skin

The Anubis Tier 5 skin, the winner of a community art contest and voting, was also unveiled in this release. This one-of-a-kind skin will be the prize for participating in this year’s Odyssey in-game event.

For more information on his creation, see the Behind The Scenes Video.

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