SO4R is a PlayStation Portable RPG that follows the adventures of Flynn, a young man who embarks on a journey to recruit his brother, Lymle into the agency he works for. The game’s story was written by Jaku, the author of the popular SoW series, and features some characters from his series as well. The game was released in Japan on May 28, 2002, and is scheduled for a North American release on June 10, 2003. The gameplay is quite similar to the Sailing Moon series, in that the player explores the world, and interacts with NPCs by using the telephone system to get information. The gameplay consists of a series of dungeon crawls, where the player must recruit new members for the agency, beat

In this guide, I will show you how to recruit the main character of the game, Cyuss, who happens to be a brother of our main character, Adel. This is the only character in the game who can provide the most powerful healing ability in the game, but he is also a very secretive person, and he only shows his face after you’ve tried to recruit him multiple times.

Star Ocean First Departure is a Role-playing game for the PSP. In this game, there are many side quests that yield access to new characters. However, you are only given limited access to these characters in the beginning of the game.

There are many different individuals in Star Ocean First Departure R that you may or may not encounter, many of them are missable and have certain criteria. These criteria may vary from completing certain duels to having specific characters in your party, so this one is easy to overlook.

However, here is a short method to enlisting Cyuss the Swordsman’s services. 



Cyuss will initially appear to you on your first visit to Haute, when you witness him fighting with a trader. You must, however, follow him inside the Skill Shop and then talk with Badam in order to recruit him. If you accept Badam’s mission to Mt Metorx, Cyuss will eventually join you.

When you return from Mt Metorx, you will have the choice of keeping Cyuss in your party; but, in order to recruit him and get the Prodigal Brother trophy accomplishment, you must retain him in your party. However, doing so will make some other characters unavailable for recruitment. 





The first Star Ocean game, Star Ocean Zero, was a very good game, but it had one small problem: it was a pain to recruit the main character’s brother, Cyuss. He was supposed to be your party member from the start, but for some reason he wasn’t there. This was the biggest shame of the game, and SOFDR is here to fix it! We will teach you how to recruit Cyuss in Star Ocean First Departure R so you can recruit him right from the start.. Read more about star ocean: first departure r pericci recruitment and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to recruit Ioshua?

You can recruit Ioshua by completing the quest The One Who Knows in Chapter 3 of the main story.

How to recruit star ocean first departure?

You can find the recruitable characters in the game by going to your map and looking for a blue star icon.

How do I recruit Mavelle Star Ocean?

You cant recruit her. She is a NPC that you encounter in the game.

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