A long time ago, a man named Diath Armstead assisted my son in his Star Ocean First Departure playthrough. He was an absolute delight to work with, and even though we did not successfully complete our mission, we felt that we made a lot of progress.

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There have been many RPGs: the Final Fantasy series, the Elder Scrolls series, the Dragon Quest series, and now the Star Ocean series. In Japan, they are called “Star Ocean” and I’ll refer to them as such. As a result, we have Star Ocean: First Departure, which was released in Japan in 2006.. Read more about what goes around comes around and let us know what you think.

You may earn a variety of trophies and accomplishments in Star Ocean First Departure R, one of which being What Goes Around Comes Around, which requires you to assist Foster at Mt. Eckdart.

While what Foster wants of you is really very easy, there is one minor stipulation that must be met in order for this to happen, and that is that IOSHUA must be a member of your team since they are familiar with each other. Ioshua is really missable, so keep an eye out and hope you haven’t missed him yet.

To get Ioshua, you must first go to the Purgatorium; here is a tutorial on how to really recruit him: How can I get Ioshua to join my team?


Okay, ideally you have Ioshua on your squad, and if so, you’re all set to go. The narrative will eventually lead you to Mt Eckdart, and you will discover this location near Eckdart town. It is not precisely indicated on the map, and you will have to hug the mountains to find it.

Run into the mountain to find a fairly straight route that ultimately leads to a tiny cabin where Foster resides; chatting to him will reveal that he knows Ioshua and that he hasn’t been able to leave since there are monsters nearby; agree to assist him in defeating these creatures. Warning: Some of these creatures have the potential to turn your whole squad to stone, and if that happens, the game is over.

Okay, now that you’ve finished talking to him, let’s go on. There will be a Save Point beyond his hut, and I recommend that you utilize it as frequently as possible just in case you’re turned to stone. You wouldn’t want to have to start again, would you?

Now it’s up to you to clear out this region and beat the set monster encounters; here is a great location to level up and get some new gear for your squad. Overall, it is worthwhile. There is no true place to begin since you must fight every creature in order to continue and finish the mission; the game will also notify you when you have killed all of the monsters. To complete the quest and get the trophy accomplishment, start by going west, east, or north from the Save Point, search all of the locations, and defeat everything you find.

Here’s a list of the available treasure you’ll find in this location.

Spectacles, Elven Bow (Grand Prize for finishing the mission!) Fine Shield, Blueberries, Rod of Jewels, (Ioshua Weapon) Robe of Deception, (Ioshua Armor) Elven Cap, (Ioshua Helmet)






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