The PS4 (PS4) is the successor to the PS3 (PS3). The console was released on November 15, 2013. The console is 4.78″ (12.45cm) long, 2.49″ (6.99cm) wide, and 1.48″ (3.75cm) tall (including the front fascia), and weighs 11.5 ounces (332g). The console is backward compatible with all PS3 games and accessories, but the system no longer has backwards compatibility with the original PS3 game discs.

PS4 Won’t Turn On

I went to bed last night with my PS4 on, unsure if it was on standby or if it was actually on. I woke up this morning, to find that my PS4 wasn’t on standby. I googled the issue, and found this solution. I tried it, and now, my PS4 is on standby and works like a charm.. Read more about ps4 won’t turn on but beeps and let us know what you think.

Do you find it difficult to turn on your PS4 and play games with your friends?

I understand how frustrating it is to have your PS4 not turn on or display a Blue Light of Death instead.

Why won’t my PlayStation 4 switch on?

If there are problems with the power connection or if the power supply is clogged with dust, the PlayStation 4 will not switch on. A lightning storm or power surges may also be a significant problem, making it impossible to switch on the gadget.

But don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes. Believe me when I say that resolving this problem is as easy as pouring water into a glass.

Continue reading because I’m going to teach you how to quickly repair your PS4.

So, let’s get this party started.

What exactly is the PS4’s Blue Light of Death?

The PS4 Blue Light of Death is a defective issue that manifests itself as a beating blue light on the console. If this issue occurs, the PS4 will not be able to produce video or audio. You may also notice that the PS4 will not switch on or may turn off abruptly.

If you’re having the same problem, don’t worry. In this article, I’ll demonstrate several tried and tested ways for resolving such problems.

Some of the techniques may seem to be a joke to you. But trust me when I say that these are all procedures that many PS4 users have confirmed.

But first, let’s figure out what’s causing the problem.

Reasons for the PS4’s inability to switch on

Although the precise cause of your PlayStation 4 not turning on is unclear, there are a number of variables that may cause this problem. The following are some of the most frequent causes:

Roaches in the Power Supply: Clean your PS4 at least once a month to ensure that there are no roaches in the power supply. Roaches zaps some of the components by shorting two points of the power supply together. There are no solutions to this issue. All you have to do now is purchase a new console. It is thus preferable to be safe rather than sorry.

Physical Damage: If your game console sustains physical damage, it will be unable to switch on. If you have fallen your PS4 or it has been struck by anything, you should get it examined by an authorized service dealer. This problem has been reported in a number of PlayStation 4 titles.

Faulty cable connection: A faulty power cord may prevent your console from starting. You can see whether the power connection is correctly attached at the rear of the console. It’s possible that correctly connecting it will remove the Blue Light of Death.


Dust and Heat: The problem may also be caused by dust accumulating within the game console or the device overheating. So be sure to keep the console in good working order by keeping it dust-free and avoiding overheating it.

Bugs and Problems: Gaming consoles are a haven for bugs, viruses, and other errors. As a result, these are the most frequent causes of your PS4 not turning on.

Lightning Storms or Power Surges: Both lightning storms and power surges have the potential to damage your device’s power management chip and other components. So, if disaster strikes, be sure to turn off your gaming gadget right away.

Power Button Failed: The longer you turn your PS4 on and off, the less touch-sensitive the power buttons become. In such scenario, replacing the power button may be able to resolve the problem.

6 Reliable Solutions to the PS4 Won’t Turn On Problem

I would suggest that you attempt each of the instructions in sequence. The procedures are simple to follow and very effective.

If your PS4 won’t power on, try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Clean the console of dust.

As I previously said, dust concerns may create severe problems for your PlayStation 4. Additionally, dust issues may cause your game system to malfunction.

Cleaning the dust out of your game console is a great method to fix the problem. While cleaning your PS4, there are a few things to keep in mind.

By opening the top plate of your PS4, for example, you may blow into the outlets or disk drives with a blow dryer.

After you’ve removed all dust particles, try turning on your game system to check whether it works.

2. Put the device in safe mode and restart it.

Your PS4 comes with a built-in function that enables you to rebuild your PS4 database.

This will assist you in cleaning up any damaged data and resolving any issues with the hard disk.

To restart the PS4 console in Safe Mode, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your PS4 controller to your game console via a USB connection.
  2. Release the power button after 30 seconds of pressing and holding it until you hear the second beep. This will activate the PS4’s safe mode. You may now simply change the settings.
  3. Select the Rebuild Database option by pressing the PS button on your USB controller.
  4. Wait for the procedure to finish. Then see whether reloading the database helped you repair your PS4 or not.

3. Reattach the power cord.

Reconnect the power cord if necessary. This will shut down your PS4 and fix any problems it may be having.


You must do the following in order to achieve this:

  1. Unplug the power cord, as well as any other cords.
  2. Wires and cables should be cleaned.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting the power cord to your console. To start the PS4 console, press the power button. If this technique doesn’t work for you, go on to the next one.

4. Experiment with power cycling.

Keep pressing the power button until the LED lights cease flashing, around 30 seconds. Remove the power cord from your console and set it aside for 20 minutes. Reconnect your system console after that.

Check to see whether your power button is functioning correctly. If you’re using a power strip, consider switching to a different wall outlet.

5. Put a disk into your PlayStation 4.

PS4 users have reported that inserting a drive into the console may sometimes immediately resolve problems.

Your console has the capacity to identify and start a disk when it is inserted.

Follow the instructions below to switch on your PS4 in this manner:

  1. Switch on your PS4.
  2. Insert a disk into your PS4’s disk drive and wait for it to switch on automatically.
  3. Remove the disk with care.

If this step was successful, your PS4 will revert to its original state. If this step doesn’t work for you, go on to the next one I’ve listed. The following step may seem to be very difficult to you. But don’t worry, I’ve made everything as easy as possible for you.

6. Troubleshoot the Game Console

If you’ve tried all of the techniques above and still can’t get your game console to turn on, it’s possible that there are some technical problems with the components within.

If your PS4 is still under warranty, you may get it fixed or replaced by contacting Sony support.

You may also change parts by purchasing new ones.

Last Thoughts

This is, without a doubt, a difficult situation. Imagine you’re on vacation this summer and you can’t get your PS4 to work. It’s like something out of a nightmare.

But don’t be concerned. You may easily solve PS4 won’t launch problems or the Blue Light of Death error with the techniques I gave above.

I got a PS4 for Christmas and it has been working flawlessly for about a month. And then, one day, the PS4 just wouldn’t turn on. One minute I was at the PS4’s menu screen, and the next it had powered off. …When I got home that day, I found that my PS4 was at a black screen. Instead of powering on, it stayed at a black screen. There was no response from the PS4 at all, and the menu screen was completely unresponsive.. Read more about ps4 pro won ‘t stay on and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your PS4 wont turn on?

If your PS4 is not turning on, try unplugging it for a few minutes and plugging it back in. If that does not work, then you may have to take it to a repair shop.

Why wont my PS4 turn on after update?

If your PS4 is not turning on after the update, it could be that you have a faulty power supply. This can happen if you are using an older model of PS4 or if the power cord has been damaged.

Why does my PS4 keep failing to start?

The PS4 is a complex and powerful piece of hardware. It can be difficult to keep it running smoothly for extended periods of time. If your PS4 has been acting up, try these steps to fix the issue:

-Check that you have power going into the console. Check the back of the console and make sure there are no loose cables or disconnected wires.
-If youre still having issues with your PS4 not starting, try restarting it by pressing and