In a recent interview with DOTA 2’s lead designer, the game’s future is looking bright. Here are some of the upcoming changes that will make this year’s Spring Cleaning event one to remember.

The dota 2 spring cleaning is a time where you can clean up your game. This article will give you tips on how to do so.

DOTA 2 is a fantastic product from VALVE, and they are constantly listening to the community and attempting to fix any bugs that arise, as well as releasing different updates. On the 1st of February 2018, DOTA 2 received one of these updates. DOTA 2 is always attempting to attract new players by providing them with easy-to-use features on a variety of occasions. They previously released a redesigned version that allows new users to play against new users in order to prevent being dominated by experienced players and eventually quitting the game. So, the new version, dubbed Spring Cleaning, comes with a slew of bug fixes as well as a few new features and in-game enhancements.


The first change in this version is the all-new Redesigned Player Profile, which allows you to check out your most recent battle performance, display your most valued or favorite skin for your favorite heroes, and customize your profile by selecting any backdrop from your loading screens.

When your mouse is hovered over the exclamation mark, it will display the update information immediately, which is far more convenient than reading the update log and remembering it. Additionally, there is now a section on the Learn page with the complete changelog data. You may check whether and how an ability or item’s tooltip has changed in-game by hovering over it. Here is a recently updated backdrop that I am presently using:


Last Hit Trainer is the greatest upgrade of all time, and it will greatly assist new players in learning about last hits, which is the most important element in DOTA 2.

Improved Buy Back Notifications is a basic buyback function that has been updated. They enhanced the prior buyback notice and added it to the top bar portraits, where it will appear after the first notification fades when you hit and hold the ALT key for 45 seconds.

When you click the Live Pro Circuit Tournament TAB, it will provide you a dedicated front-page cell in the client that will start a broadcast anytime a Major or Minor is live.

Item in the Strategy Phase Before the battle horn sounds, you may simply pool tangos and wards with other players.

Team Teleport Status is a feature that allows you to check how much cooldown is left for teleportation through a town portal scroll or Boots of travel by pressing and holding ALT. It will show immediately on the top bar for each of your teammates when you press and hold ALT.

6 Month Matchmaking BANS & Custom Game Matchmaking Penalties are the first time DOTA 2 has taken such drastic measures to punish the guilty, with a 6 month ban for those who abandon the game in the middle and ruin it for others, or who constantly feeds through the game or makes massive abuse, among other things. A penalty-enforcement option is now available to even bespoke game developers.

Language-Based Matchmaking, thus now a man who doesn’t know any language other than his native tongue doesn’t have to suffer and be mistreated since, for the time being, it will enable a user to find a match based on his language preference.

Redeliver Courier Goods: When delivering an item via a courier, if the courier is carrying items belonging to another player, an emblem of that player will also reflect beside you, ensuring that you and your teammates do not have to battle.

Minimap Neutral Difficulty Icons: You can now view the creeps difficulty right on the minimap, so jump on them according to your skill level.

Another useful feature is the Ready Check, which allows you to check for the readiness of other members of your party before entering matching to prevent needless matchmaking cooldowns.

Other features such as Active Friend Filter, Color-coded Teleport, and Visual Tower Damage (when striking towers, the tower will slowly fall) have also been upgraded or enhanced. There are a slew of other changes in the current patch, which you can read about here.



The dota 2 new event is a seasonal event that has been released. This event is only available for the duration of this season.

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