This guide is meant to teach players how to craft moonstones, and to walk them through the process of making a moonstone. There are many different methods to making a moonstone from scratch, but this guide will walk you through one of the more common methods and include a couple of extras.

Hello, and welcome to my Moonstone Guide for Star Ocean Integrity & Faithlessness . This guide will teach you how to craft a Moonstone and why you should be using this material in your game. This guide is intended for those who have just started out with the game and have not created a new character.

Are you interested in making your own Star Ocean Integrity & Faithlessness : Crafting – How To Make A Moonstone (Guide) ? There are many different materials that are needed in order to craft your own. The materials for Moonstone are very different from the materials needed for other crafting.. Read more about star ocean: integrity and faithlessness pc and let us know what you think.

You will be taught how to manufacture goods and equipment after you have advanced far enough in the game. You may make a Moonstone using a variety of materials.

The following materials will be required to make a Moonstone:

Orichalcum = Found in the bonus dungeon’s bosses/treasure chests (Maze Of Tribulations)

Silver = Silver can be found around Santeroule you WILL need the Mining ability which is obtained through the Welch questline go here: Welch Quests






I have been a fan of Star Ocean for a while now. The gameplay has been fluid and enjoyable, and the story has been intriguing, but I have always wondered about the crafting system. I have read many blog posts and guides on how to make the Moonstone, but it is difficult to find a concise, well written guide that actually explains the process of making one. Every other guide i have found are just a list of ingredients, and there are no diagrams or pictures.. Read more about star ocean: integrity and faithlessness ps5 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there romance in Star Ocean integrity and faithlessness?

There is no romance in the game, however there are a few scenes that may be interpreted as romantic.

Is Star Ocean integrity and faithlessness worth playing?

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How long is Star Ocean integrity and faithlessness?

Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness is a role-playing game developed by tri-Ace, published by Square Enix. The game was released on February 28th, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.